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    Sun Jun 14 12:52:37 2020
    sheila G started the conversation Cursor not going to right place when editing text.

    Help please - when I edit simple text (NOT html) on screen the cursor does not always go to the actual place where I want to edit as it does in this text box I am using. I spend ages clicking and re-clicking until I actually HIT the spot where I want to edit the wording.

    ANY advice please I used to like the old "text window" where you could easily get at text - am I missing something here ?

    LOVE Pubcoder it is a unique amazing pice of software and I would not be without it - but this is driving me crazy

  2. Wed Mar 4 23:22:44 2020
    sheila G started the conversation MULTIPLE PAGES SELECTED.

    The error message "Multiple pages selected" cauases pubcoder to freeze.. PLEASE ADVISE

  3. Thu Jan 23 14:53:32 2020
    sheila G posted in measure file size?.

    AH that explains all thanks Angelo - hidden memory needed.. will clear it. Really apprvaite your feed back on this amazing piece of software!

    Cheers Sheila

  4. Thu Jan 23 14:51:34 2020
    sheila G posted in error saving thumbnails.

    It's sorted thanks Angelo - yes amazing what a restart will do!!

  5. Thu Jan 23 14:50:39 2020

    Hi Angelo thanks for getting back - yes always use Mp4/H.264.. it was working FINE at start of this project and now has just stopped . no big problem I just import a still into assets thanks.

  6. Sat Jan 18 21:22:43 2020
    sheila G started the conversation set poster frame from video not working.

    Help please the "set poster frame from Video " is not working as when I click on this option NO controls appear in the video so cannot scroll to the frame... is it a memory thing? MY file is about 780 meg

  7. Wed Jan 15 14:45:18 2020
    sheila G started the conversation measure file size?.

    The get info says that my pubcoder file is 987 meg - when I try to upload to my iphone via pubreader it says I need more space.. even though I have 3 gig free... HELP please

  8. Wed Jan 15 14:39:34 2020
    sheila G started the conversation error saving thumbnails.

    Just received error message when uploading HTML file to internet "error saving thumbnails"
    all usually works GREAT 0 any advice please

  9. 4 years ago
    Thu Feb 21 16:00:57 2019
    sheila G started the conversation Is there a way to make a video loop.

    Is there a way to make a video loop please?

  10. 5 years ago
    Mon Sep 17 18:49:47 2018
    sheila G started the conversation Coloring Widget.

    Please add SAVE to COLOUR WIDGET - it's a lovely game in a marvellous piece of software - I, and loads of others have asked for this right from the start .. I cannot have folks making a fab picture them just losing it... not everyone knows how to do a screen grab. You always say it is not top of your agenda - WHAT IS THE PROBLEM Please -I know it cannot be too tricky for your splendid programming abilities... Cheers Sheila

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