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    Wed Nov 29 22:35:38 2017
    Carlton M posted in No App Store.

    They could email themselves the file or use a service like Dropbox, Google Drive or any type of cloud service to transfer the file to a mobile device. To read on a PC you would need to export as epub3 and read on an app like Readium for Chrome.
    I use Dropbox for all my files it's so convenient. Hope this is helpful.

  2. Fri Oct 20 22:04:54 2017
    Carlton M posted in Question on Thumbnails.

    If you're in Pubcoder 3 go to (Renditions - Project - Appearance and Behavior - Then deselect Pages - Swipe - Touch) That will do it.
    If you're in Pubcoder 2 go to (Project Settings - General - And Uncheck (Pages Thumbnails, Swipe, Pinch ,Touch to Open). That will do it.
    Remember this only works for App. It will not work in Epub3.

  3. Sat Oct 14 21:10:57 2017

    Awesome, thanks, Angelo.

  4. Thu Oct 12 14:10:23 2017

    John, you might want to report this as a bug or send to Angelo's feed. They are sometimes quite slow on the forum to reply.

  5. Thu Oct 12 13:59:15 2017

    Not sure, but you might have to copy the pages individually. You'll find copy page on the edit drop down menu.

  6. Tue Oct 10 21:30:07 2017
    Carlton M posted in No App Store.

    Just go to the top left part of your screen. Next, to the black arrow click on EPUB3 and a drop menu will appear, click XPUB. Next, click on WI-FI then XPUB file. You can download it for distribution. That's it. You can test your app or export it to the reader. It will only work on Pubreader. Pubcoders own reader.
    Hope that helps.

  7. Tue Oct 10 17:42:08 2017
    Carlton M posted in Always open on Page 1.

    To my knowledge, this option has not been done yet. Did not find in Beta 3-Rendition-Project-Appearance and Behavior.

  8. Tue Oct 10 17:36:56 2017
    Carlton M posted in Pubcoder's stopped working.

    John, I had that problem and they had me re-download the Mac version from thier website, not the email
    notification. All is working fine with mine today.

  9. Sun Oct 8 16:52:30 2017
    Carlton M posted in No App Store.

    Pubreader is Pubcoders version of an ePub3 reader. They just released it in their latest version Pubcoder3 Beta for Mac. It's available for both Mac ios and Android devices on their App Stores. Your customers just need to download it on their devices. If you need an ePub reader for a PC, Readium is the best. I believe it's available for Google Chrome download. Hope this answers your questions.
    Best regards

  10. Thu Sep 21 15:00:19 2017

    Hey, John,

    I've had a Memory game on both my apps since they came out with it. I've had no issues with the game.
    Do you have multiple levels?

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