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    Wed Sep 11 01:38:31 2019
    A A P started the conversation Touch Down Touch up functionality.

    Hi Pubcoder team,
    I have been trying to make an animation respond to a touch down interactive followed by a touch up.
    The idea is that the animation will only play while the user keeps their finger depressed on a screen button.
    As soon as they lift off the animation stops and resets to the beginning. Ideally I would like to have it so that if a user
    does not keep their finger on the button for a certain length of time the animation will stop and go to an alternative image.

    I can't seem to make the touch up respond on the first time after the touch down... Second touch down the touch up works.
    What is going on here what am I missing.
    Any advice as always is appreciated.

  2. last week
    Tue Sep 3 07:19:32 2019
    A A P started the conversation Great update 3.6.2 (1028).

    Have just updated to version 3.6.2 and wanted to say thank you to the PUBCODER team for quickly fixing a minor but annoying bug that was affecting the table paragraph spacing.

    Kind regards,

  3. 5 months ago
    Wed Mar 20 04:00:56 2019
    A A P started the conversation Inline video how to add?.

    Hi Pubcoder forum,
    Is there a way to add a video inline (scrolls with text) that is embedded in the document (not a Vimeo or Youtube link). I see you can attach a video as an asset but I cannot figure out how it can be viewed like an image appears in the scrollable text box.
    Any help as always is appreciated.

    PS, Angelo, If you are answering the forum today, can you tell me how is the self CMS coming along for SHELF?
    Thanks Andy

  4. Wed Mar 20 03:51:54 2019
    A A P posted in scale and move together.

    Hi Danny,
    Yes its easy to do, just add an interactive "Touch down" to the object you want to move and scale and then add the move action and then scale action. Just make sure that the actions in the action window are joined together. Otherwise they will happen separately.
    Hope that is of some assistance.
    Kind regards,

  5. 6 months ago
    Fri Feb 22 04:14:53 2019
    A A P started the conversation Refresh a page.

    Hi Pubcoder users and development team,
    Just wondering whether anyone has an idea on how to refresh a page with multiple animations so that the animation can be interrupted and re-started by a user. I have tried using the "stop animation" interactive and "go to page" on a button using the same page number so that page reloads but inevitably after a few presses it causes the page to become unstable and freeze. Seems to occur more often on android devices.

    Also is there any news on the CMS so that shelf users can manage upload of own content? As I have mentioned previously very keen to help test this feature when it becomes available.

    Kind regards,

  6. 7 months ago
    Tue Feb 5 02:56:55 2019
    A A P started the conversation Carriage return paragraph spacing not working.

    Hi Forum and Pubcoder team... recently upgraded to the latest 3.4.1 (984) version on Mac and am now having a problem with the carriage return when typing in a scrolling text box.

    I am unable to leave a space between the paragraphs. Every time I type something and press return to leave a space as soon as I click off the text box the text shifts up to leave no paragraph spaces.

    What is going on?
    Kind regards,

  7. last year
    Fri Sep 14 00:37:53 2018

    Hi, I can't seem to find the "sliding" option, are you using pubcoder 3 Mac version? I am looking in the selection dialogue box but all I have when choosing a text box is (font, size, colour, shadow, Horizontal align, Vertical Align, selectable, scrollable).

  8. Fri Sep 14 00:23:09 2018

    Hi Francesca,
    When you say you inserted a scroll bar in the text box do you mean as an image or did you code one using css / html?

  9. Fri Sep 14 00:19:02 2018

    Hi Kristian
    I have two ideas for a fix, firstly is the frame on top of your long vertical image set to "Always catch touch" in the selection dialogue box? If it is it will prevent the underlying image scrolling on touch from being detected.

    Secondly, you could set the image pan interaction to offset the image in the selection dialogue box for your object. Just change the Delta Y value under the crop heading.

    Hope this is of some help,

  10. Sat Sep 8 09:59:00 2018

    Hi Phil,
    Yes absolutely you could sell xpub files but you need to set up a “shelf” with Pubcoder. Its not a huge outlay and you could have your own branded distribution app set up so your customers can download your content direct from the stores.

    I am in the middle of getting one set up now.

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