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    Sun Feb 4 04:31:46 2018
    S Suzette W started the conversation Widgets from Bookry and "Book Widgets".

    Hello there,

    Almost a year ago, I posted a question about widgets (it's here: https://forum.pubcoder.com/303-importing-widgets-and-animations-and-pdfs/p1#p945). I honestly can't wait any longer -- I really, REALLY would like an answer to this.

    My question/problem: Bookry.com and BookWidgets.com make some really cool widgets that I want to use in my phonics workbooks. Problem is, I can't get the widgets to work in Pubcoder.

    I have followed the advice from the Pubcoder documentation (https://docs.pubcoder.com/en/smartobjects/ ), but when I put the header information inside the header tags, it doesn't work -- I just get an error message "The code entered does not appear to be valid XHTML. This could cause problems building your project..."

    NOTE: The same code works just fine in a browser, so it's not a simple syntax error.


    Do you know if anyone has had success adding widgets from Bookry.com or BookWidgets.com ?

    Sadly, I will not be able to use Pubcoder if I can't get these widgets to work. :-(

    Please, please, PLEASE can you get back to me on this, even if it's to tell me that you have no clue, and no one has done it yet.


  2. Sun Feb 4 01:50:08 2018
    S Suzette W posted in smartobject.


    I am having a similar problem trying to insert a maze Widget from Bookry.com.

    I was able to find where to insert the custom header (see below).

    The problem is, Pubcoder keeps telling me that the XHTML code isn't valid... but it's working perfectly in my browser, so I don't know why it isn't working in Pubcoder. :-(

    Is Pubcoder not yet compatible with widgets from Bookry.com and BookWidgets.com ?

    Thanks, Suzette

    To access the <head> tag for a smart object ---

    1. Select the smart object on the screen.
    2. Then select the "Selection" tab in the panel on the right side of the screen
    3. At the bottom, under "Smart Object," select the little settings wheel next to "Edit HTLM"
    4. This opens a pop up box.
    5. There are a bunch of little icons... click the one that looks like a little box (it's the only icon that looks like a box).
    6. This opens up the HTML editing area with access to the <head> tag.
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    Sun Apr 23 19:16:24 2017
    S Suzette W started the conversation Importing Widgets and Animations and PDFs.

    Hi There,

    Two questions on importing assets --

    (A) Can I import book widgets from places like Bookry.com or BookWidgets.com ? (Pubcoder has many cool widgets, but I need more variety for my education projects.)

    (B) Can I import animations made with other programs -- for example, Hippani or Adobe Animate? (Yes, I can do some pretty cool animations with Pubcoder, but the choices are a bit limited, so I would like to ALSO import animations.)

    (C) I know you can create the basic book layout (the pages, images and text) by importing an In-Design file. Are there plans to do with this PDF files too?

    I am trying out several different eBook authoring tools. I'm looking for "The One" that does everything, and I am hoping this is Pubcoder!


  4. Sun Jan 22 04:58:44 2017
    S Suzette W started the conversation Move object along a path or curve.

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if there was an easy way to move an object along a curved path? I used to be able to do this with actionscript -- but that was a long time ago on a planet far away.

    I don't know any javascript, so I was hoping there might be a hidden command somewhere in pubcoder. :-D


  5. Mon Jan 16 17:38:31 2017
    S Suzette W posted in HELP! Font Display problems.

    Hi Anna,

    I sent a link (a Dropbox link) -- I haven't heard back, so I was wondering if I need to send the link another way?

    Thanks. ;-)

  6. Sun Jan 15 20:35:25 2017
    S Suzette W posted in A few issues.

    I second many of these features. ;-) What pubcoder can do is awesome -- adding some of these features would make it super amazing.

    I am currently using the coloring page feature for creating handwriting practice pages (it's awesome for that), but have not used it for coloring pages because of the lack of save or print.


  7. Mon Jan 9 20:26:34 2017
    S Suzette W started the conversation HELP! Font Display problems.

    Hi there, I am trying to create interactive phonics books, and I am running into a big problem -- fonts.

    I use two very specific fonts for education purposes. Unfortunately, these fonts aren't used by Google, Android or Kindle. ;-( (Aaaah! They have some great fonts, but none of them are appropriate for beginning readers.)

    The fonts I want to use are included as assets in my project file, and I have clearly specified the fonts in my project CSS. But....

    (a) Quick Preview (whole project) doesn't use/show the correct fonts
    (b) "Send Project Preview To Browser" shows the WRONG fonts in Internet Explorer.
    (c) "Send Project Preview To Browser" shows the right fonts in Firefox (yay!)
    (d) I haven't yet tried downloading the project onto an Android device, so I don't know what happens there. (My internal wifi card isn't working, so I have to fix that first.)
    (e) I don't know how the project will display in an iOS device or on a Kindle (no preview option for those).

    I can't risk having display devices choose their own font, so what are my choices?

    (1) Do I have to put all the text into image files (.gif, .jpg, .png) ?
    (2) Or is there some magic code that forces devices to display text in the designated font?

    Thanks very much.

  8. 7 years ago
    Wed Dec 7 04:39:07 2016
    S Suzette W posted in Organizing assets into folders.

    Okey dokey, thanks!

  9. Wed Nov 30 23:22:14 2016
    S Suzette W started the conversation Organizing assets into folders.

    Quick question -- is there a way to organize assets into folders?

    For example, creating folders for images inside the images asset section (or folders for audio files inside the audio assets section).

    In the book app I'm doing, there are LOTS of images and audio files, and it takes forever to scroll through the lists... and my poor mouse-hand is getting very tired... :-P

    Thanks and ciao!