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    Mon Feb 20 09:50:41 2017
    R Rosalia V posted in Customize Coloring Widget.

    Is there a way to modify the default palette without actually "creating" every buttons?
    For example, can I move it on the left side of the canvas? Or can I add many others colors and rearrange the palette on two rows?
    Thank you!

  2. Wed Feb 8 10:35:07 2017
    R Rosalia V posted in Help uploading HTML5.

    there is no way to export a publication and then simply open it with a browser (with all the files in the local computer) just like when you write some file ".html"?
    Sorry if it's a silly question, but I know very little of html and I don't really understand how I can export a presentation and simply view it in a browser (just on local, without need to share it or anything else...)
    Thank you very much,

  3. Thu Jan 26 19:28:57 2017
    R Rosalia V started the conversation Masked image .

    Ho inserito una masking image e vorrei che al suo completamento (quando tutta l'immagine mascherata appare) appaia un tasto. È possibile fare una cosa simile?
    Grazie mille

    I added a masked image and I would like to make a button appear as soon as the masked image has vanished (after the touch on all of it). Is it possible to give a command like this?
    Thank you