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    Tue Jan 30 13:20:34 2018
    G Giuliana V started the conversation APK android FONT problem.

    I have exported an .apk file (adapting it from an iOS format).
    When I view it on an Amazon Fire 8 (which supports apk ...) it displays everything correctly for a second ... and then the font size changes, it gets bigger, the texts are cut off and the images are badly positioned.

    I'm viewing it with the wi-fi option by downloading directly to the device from the ip address that is provided.

    I also exported .apk ad hoc and installed manually.

    However, it gives me the same problem.

    Am I doing something wrong with the export? Or is there any font setting, image compression I'm not considering?
    IOS format is 1366*1024
    Android format is 1280*800

    Thank you!

  2. Wed Jan 24 11:27:23 2018
    G Giuliana V started the conversation Google Play Multiple APK Support.

    I would like to publish an Android app.
    Unfortunately, Android devices have many different formats but I read that Google Play recently allows you to upload several APK depending on the format you want, but keeping only one app, with only one key release.

    The question is .... when I export an APK file with pubcoder and I include different formats with different resolutions ... what do I get in the end?
    Many APK files how many formats are chosen at the time of export?
    Or just one multi-format APK that adapts to the resolution of the android device used?

    Thank you!

  3. Fri Jan 12 12:07:03 2018
    G Giuliana V posted in iOS app icon doesn't work.

    I solve the problem using the previous version (Pubcoder 2.5).
    So basically I didn't solve it!
    But I need to publish the app so...
    Anyway I hope it can be fixed soon.

  4. Fri Jan 12 12:03:57 2018
    G Giuliana V posted in Icona app iOS iPad non caricata.

    I'm using again the previous version (Pubcoder 2.5) and now everything is fine!
    I can see the right app icon on iPad.
    I think there is a problem with the latest version... Hope they can fix it.

  5. Fri Jan 12 10:58:13 2018
    G Giuliana V posted in Pubcoder on macOS High Sierra.

    I have problems with high sierra too. I'm using Pubcoder 3 but I can't publish because the app icons no longer work. I can see only pubcoder icon! I tried to change png into jpeg, resize them.. but nothing.
    I don't know what to do!

  6. Fri Jan 12 10:50:34 2018
    G Giuliana V started the conversation iOS app icon doesn't work.

    I have a problem with the icons ... both with the simulator and with the creation of .ipa Ad Hoc it doesn't show the app icon.
    The dimensions are correct and I have also tried to reduce by one pixel but nothing ... it always shows me the PubCoder icon.
    I'm using version 3 on iMac High Sierra. I've tried both .png and .jpg.
    With the previous version I did not have this problem.

    I'm going to publish the app but I can't do it because of this problem!
    Please help!

  7. Wed Jan 10 13:11:59 2018
    G Giuliana V started the conversation Icona app iOS iPad non caricata.

    Ho un problema con le icone... sia con il simulatore, sia con la creazione di .ipa Ad Hoc non mi carica l'icona dell'app sull'iPad.
    Le dimensioni sono corrette e ho provato anche a ridurre di un pixel ma nulla... mi mostra sempre l'icona PubCoder.
    Sto usando la versione 3. Con la versione precedente non avevo questo problema.

  8. Mon Dec 4 10:44:51 2017
    G Giuliana V posted in Hide iPad icons when using app.

    Aspetta aspetta... la discussione pubblica è una cosa (e io sono favorevole, se no non starei qui ad usare il forum, non scherziamo...) però postare screenshot con anteprime del mio lavoro, nome e cognome... sinceramente non lo trovo giusto. Almeno chiedere.

    Grazie per aver rimosso.

  9. Fri Dec 1 12:40:58 2017
    G Giuliana V posted in Hide iPad icons when using app.

    Scusa è possibile rendere privata questa conversazione?
    Non mi va molto di rendere pubblici screenshot del mio progetto prima ancora che venga pubblicato.
    Se non si può ti spiace rimuovere l'immagine.


  10. Mon Nov 27 11:22:19 2017
    G Giuliana V posted in Hide iPad icons when using app.

    Pubcoder 2.5. Inviati ora. grazie

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