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    Thu Jul 20 21:05:55 2017
    I Ignacio O posted in Thumbnail Size.

    Thanks for responding. I understand. When I check my version of pubcoder it says version 2.5 and when I check for updates it says pubcoder is up to date. Is there another way to update to version 3?

  2. Tue Jun 27 23:14:58 2017
    I Ignacio O started the conversation Thumbnail Size.


    When I click on analyze project it says that the thumbnails are 270MB which is more than the images and audio files combined. In the general settings area I clicked off "pages thumbnails with page number" but it didn't make a difference. I never created any thumbnails myself. Is there a location I can find these thumbnail files?

    Thank You!

  3. Mon May 15 23:20:38 2017
    I Ignacio O posted in Cannot export .ipa file.

    Hello Angelo, have you found anything that could help? I'm still having the same problem. My file is ready and I can't move past this problem. Thanks.

  4. Thu May 11 08:00:38 2017
    I Ignacio O started the conversation Cannot export .ipa file.

    Please help. Every time I try to export an .ipa file to test my app it cuts off at the very end and gives me half of an error message that says "Failed to build. An error occurred while building iOS app: ". That's all I get.