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    Wed May 17 14:57:29 2017
    A Adenio F posted in Follow object.

    I found a temporary solution

    1- Put the Javascript code bellow on top of the Script:
    // define variables
    var seguirFreq = 1000; // delay
    var tipoMov = "swing"; // movement type ("linear"?)

    2- And the code bellow into the "$(window).load(function(){" section:

    var c = $("#obj1178"); // Object to follow
    $("#obj1198").animate({"left":c.css("left"), "top":c.css("top")}, seguirFreq, tipoMov); // Follower object

  2. Wed May 17 14:00:03 2017
    A Adenio F started the conversation Follow object.

    I am a new user of Pubcoder, and love that program.
    A question: Is there any way to make one object (image) follow another, with a little delay? (like a Mousetrail)