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    Thu Nov 30 03:51:29 2017
    R Rica J started the conversation Pubcoder on macOS High Sierra.


    Is there a known issue for pubcoder running in macOS High Sierra? i just upgraded to macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 and pubcoder app keeps on crashing.


  2. Tue Apr 11 15:41:10 2017
    R Rica J started the conversation IOS responsive layout .

    Hi, I am currently using pubcoder in one of my iOS app. When creating a new project i notice that you need to specify which device you need to run your ePub. My Scenerio is that i added image using project for iPhone6plus project, when i published it and run it on my iOS device like iPhone5C, the image i put in the ePub is a bit off in iPhone5c. In Iphone 6 plus is just ok. Is there a way we can just create one ePub file and run it with any iOS device using responsive autolayouting. (means the epub will just fit in any device)