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    Mon Oct 19 22:55:25 2015
    A Andrea M started the conversation "New Actions" Menu doesn't work as it should.

    I'm using PubCoder 2.0 on Windows 7.
    The titles of the New Actions Menu is too wide and the list of actions are pushed to the really end of the menu (see image attached)


    The issue is that I cannot see the name of the actions..

  2. Tue Aug 25 11:59:34 2015
    A Andrea M posted in Welcome Windows Beta Users.

    Giancarlo N Hello Andrea,
    Apple does not provide the needed framework to generate iOS app, called XCode, for Windows, so you cannot export iOS app from Windows.
    On the other way, PubCoder for Windows is able to generate Epub, it is a standard format, so you can publish your epub on Apple Book Store.

    Hi Giancarlo,

    So in few words:
    Windows Software can produce Android Apps and ePub and Kindle
    Mac Software can produce Ios Apps and ePub and Kindle

    So the only way to develop an IOS App is to use PubCoder on the Mac, am I correct?



  3. Tue Aug 25 11:54:07 2015

    Hi Giancarlo,
    Ok, I'll be able to use the Windows beta without license until it the first stable release is out and right after? Am I going to be able to use one single license on both Windows and Mac?



  4. Tue Aug 18 10:31:03 2015
    A Andrea M started the conversation Is the Mac License working on Windows as well?.


    I have a PubCoder license related to the MAC.
    Is the license working on Windows as well?


  5. Tue Aug 18 10:28:49 2015
    A Andrea M posted in Welcome Windows Beta Users.


    I'm starting a new project and I'd like to use PubCoder for Windows.

    Is there a way to create an IOS APP based on a Windows Pubcoder file?
    If I create a EPUB3 on Windows can I then publish it on the Apple Book Store?