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    Tue Dec 18 13:06:55 2018
    L Leena P started the conversation Is there a way to export the epub file as video?.

    I sent this question to Pubcoder team but received no answer, so I thought I'd ask here.

    I am planning on making a course on Teachable. I will be making short videos in the course material that I'll make interactive using Vizia.

    Is there a way to make a Pubcoder "ebook" and export it as video. Basically creating a video using Pubcoder. (Just like in preview code.)

    I can use Videoscribe as well, but would prefer Pubcoder if it was possible to do so.

    Leena :)

  2. 4 years ago
    Wed Jun 21 12:49:55 2017

    LOL - it seems to be possible... I sent a ticket to support when my read aloud reads two files simultaneously - one from the actual page I am in, and at the same time the audio file from the previous page... Tried all the magic tricks I could think of but could not solve the problem... Maybe it has to do with the generate audio file-option I chose to use.

    Leena :)

  3. Tue Jun 20 15:42:13 2017
    L Leena P posted in Where to find sound files?.

    Ok. found Audiojungle and purchased files from there. Very affordable.

    Leena :)

  4. Mon Jun 19 16:11:24 2017
    L Leena P started the conversation Where to find sound files?.

    I am planning on using Pubcoder for my future children's books and was wondering where I could find copyright free audio files (preferable from a source I would not need to pay a yearly fee). I'm thinking along the lines of the sound of wind, birdsong and such. Any ideas? Does Pubcoder have such a service?

    Leena :)