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    Thu Oct 5 16:41:44 2017
    M Mawusee Komla F posted in parental gate on a web link.

    Can you explain a bit more what you want to do ? You want "the parent" to say yes or no before the weblink opens up in a browser ? Or you want to load the weblink target on a new pubcoder page ?

  2. Thu Sep 21 13:06:50 2017
    M Mawusee Komla F posted in Text scrollbar on left.

    Try this .something { direction:rtl } from this link https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2772347/html-element-scrollbar-on-the-left

  3. Tue Aug 1 23:31:13 2017
    M Mawusee Komla F posted in Javascript Problem.

    I have checked on another phone (Android 6) all features are working fine I guess it is a compatibility issue.

  4. Wed Jul 26 15:45:00 2017
    M Mawusee Komla F posted in Javascript Problem.

    I am having almost the same issue; when I use the Show event to trigger actions it doesn't work on my Android (4.4.2) smart phone but when I change it to Load it works fine.

    Right now actions like MoveObject are not working. Is it a javascript issue ? I am currently trying to figure out what is compatible and what is not within actions and events.

    The preview or Html5 output work fine.

    Thanks for the assistance.

  5. Wed Jul 26 15:25:02 2017
    M Mawusee Komla F posted in Apk build - missing build.xml.

    Issue resolved. The download couldn't finish maybe due to the internet so I have to manually check in Pubcoder files to figure out the required android-sdk required.

    In case someone gets error messages such as "unable to resolve target android-19" or "java error message" you might need to check the compatibility of the versions available in the folders "tools", "platform-tools" and the android version in the "platforms" folder.

    It is working great.


  6. Fri Jul 21 17:31:56 2017
    M Mawusee Komla F posted in Apk build - missing build.xml.

    Ok I have not noticed that I can install from Pubcoder; I will try it and get back to you.

    All metadata seem clear but since I was getting error messages I was wondering if there is something I am missing (I am using fake information 123456 as password for example).


  7. Tue Jul 18 19:03:18 2017
    M Mawusee Komla F started the conversation Apk build - missing build.xml.

    When I try to publish an apk file I get this error :

    C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\PubCoder\Caches\251~1.733\Projects\1\Compiler\SCANDR~1\11D0A5~1.1\C1\apk-temp\COMSAM~1.AND\COMSAM~1.AND\build.xml:90: Cannot find C:\Users\xxxx\ANDROI~2\tools\ant\build.xml imported from


    I have tried with various projects.

    And also is it possible to have an idea of the values to input for the keystore file ?

    Thanks a lot.

  8. Thu Jul 13 23:00:45 2017
    M Mawusee Komla F posted in Quiz.

    Hi Jelena,

    Have you tried to check with Css ?


  9. Thu Jul 13 22:43:56 2017
    M Mawusee Komla F posted in Follow object.

    Hi Adenio F,

    If I have understood your need :

    • You can drop the two images (A and B) on your workspace; let's say B on top of A
    • You hide B by default (using the Selection-properties- pannel on the right side of the workspace)
    • On the Interactivity pannel, on the event "Load/Show" of the object A, you can choose the plan the actions below :
    • - HideObject Self (A)
    • - Wait (1 sec)
    • - Show Object B

    You have many other options (you can put the image B outside the workspace and use a moveObject action to bring to the workspace, etc.) according to your needs and constraints (if you want to loop this sequence for example).

    The cool thing in Pubcoder is to avoid to code as much as you can :-)

  10. Tue Jul 11 00:33:08 2017
    M Mawusee Komla F posted in Where to find sound files?.

    You can check the links below :

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