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  1. 3 years ago
    Mon Jan 11 20:07:42 2021
    L Lisa T posted in Quiz Activity.

    I can't help, unfortunately. I too would like to see more flexibility in the Quiz widget—even in comparison to the old widget on iBooks Author this is extremely limited. Hopefully more options will come soon!

  2. Wed Apr 22 14:25:01 2020
    L Lisa T started the conversation xpubs won’t open in Pubreader, latest version?.


    Over the past few years I have produced several xpubs for a number of institutions, including museums and churches. The latest update seems to prevent these from opening, and in anticipation of emails asking why their apps can’t be used any more, here’s a few questions before I renew my license:

    1. Will re-opening and re-exporting the files in the latest version fix this problem?

    2. Can I use the trial version for this, as I currently do not require a license?

    3. I may have some work coming up that I can use pubcoder for, but to do this it’s crucial that any HTML5 widgets/apps can be accessed by mobile on a website. I know this wasn’t possible before; is it possible now?

    Thanks, and I hope everyone is keeping well during these ‘interesting times’!

  3. 4 years ago
    Tue Aug 13 23:11:36 2019

    ETA: this seems to be a bug connected to changing a rendition orientation. When I switched the original project, I couldn't drag within the stage, but creating a new project with the correct rendition sizes etc and copying/pasting content across solved the issue.

  4. Tue Aug 13 22:43:44 2019
    L Lisa T started the conversation Dragging on stage not working since update to 3.6.1.

    Is anyone else experiencing issues with dragging objects around the stage since the most recent update? I've never seen this issue before, but it's pretty annoying at the moment. I know the team is away at the minute, so hoping another user can chip in to say if they've seen this/know a fix, etc.

    On macOS/Mojave.


  5. Thu Aug 1 21:46:03 2019
    L Lisa T started the conversation Live web page in iframe/smart object?.


    I'm currently working on a project intended for HTML5 output. I would like to include links to live web pages (Wikipedia, in this case). I know I can include normal links that work, but they throw the user out of the HTML5 webapp altogether. I was hoping there would be a way to embed/display the content of the external page (it would only ever be one page per link) in such a fashion that the user remains within the UI of my webapp.

    Can this be done?

  6. 5 years ago
    Sun Sep 2 22:42:35 2018

    I found Infinity the best reader for Android. I don't know about sound, but all interactivity worked and most impressively it didn't spew up the blasted book scroller thing every time you tapped the screen! That drove me wild on the other options. Infinity also works on older versions of Android too, btw.

  7. Sun Sep 2 22:17:25 2018

    Thanks! I'm nearly there now and tearing my hair out over a variety of minor issues. Such as the Pubreader app on both my test iPhone AND android refusing to load the latest version via wifi (or maybe that's coming from my mac, but how when it's all up to date and worked just fine before today?!). Or the fact that 'start at first page' absolutely REFUSES to work on Android, but is fine on iOS...

  8. Sun Sep 2 22:15:33 2018
    L Lisa T posted in Is this possible??.

    Use the counter widget for this, it works really well. Just set the 'counter' to 4, say, and tell it to trigger the appearance of the completed picture once it's registered four ticks on the counter, so to speak. Obviously build an 'increase counter' action into each drop zone. Hope that makes sense!

  9. Tue Aug 28 19:53:55 2018

    That's really interesting re the pngs. Does it apply to the jpegs too?

    I've seen a lot of improvement simply by exporting to epub3 instead of xpub. There's still lag, but now it's in the form of a momentary white screen between each page instead of the more irritating flickering and spinning wheels. Interactivity is a bit smoother too, but then given how much I've tried to optimise the images it's a tad disappointing the performance isn't better with xpub. Epub3 apps for Android don't seem to be great! Infinity works well, ads don't get in the way while using, and tapping the screen doesn't invoke the page thumbnails. Only issue was that many multi-word text elements appeared with extra characters which doesn't happen with any other reader, so I've had to render all of those as images and it's better now.

  10. Fri Aug 24 21:19:31 2018

    Hi again,
    I checked and they do vary quite a bit, size wise—from a few kb to 10+MB, . I can replace some of the pngs with jpegs and have done so as a trial, but I'm not sure the improvement (very marginal at best) is worth the degradation in quality. I can't eliminate any more interactivity, that's what I'm being paid to produce! Is there a size I shouldn't go beyond for images? For instance, keep all pngs at less than, say, 2mb?

    ETA: just double checked and the vast majority of all my images do fall below 2mb, and most below 1!

    I suppose I just want to know WHY the performance is so poor even on very recent reasonably high end Android devices vs comparatively old iOS - it just doesn't make sense. Is it because the Pubcoder itself is Mac first? Are they prioritising Apple APIs? So odd!

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