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  1. 6 years ago
    Sun Jul 10 12:52:12 2016

    I try it. Readium don,t exist (I think) in Chrome for tablets and Adobe Digital don,t like Read Aloud too. What a pity. Hopefully soon. Thanks

  2. Fri Jul 1 18:02:13 2016

    Hi, Thanks Carlton M. Gitden Reader don,t supports Read Aloud. Another opcción that incluides it?


  3. 7 years ago
    Wed Jan 13 09:26:46 2016
    J joaquin H posted in witged for Spotify.

    Hi Paolo A

    But, as I can insert code. You could do some tutorial?



  4. Mon Jan 11 07:14:00 2016
    J joaquin H started the conversation witged for Spotify.

    I wonder if it is possible to insert the widget code embedded spotify not have to include music in the app. This system is being widely used to make musical examples on web pages.

    A ejemple in this page:

    Thank you

  5. Tue Oct 20 21:04:35 2015
    J joaquin H started the conversation Not communicate to Adobe Indesign.


    I have Adobe Indesign CC 2014 and tried to import a file. I am subscriber Creative Cloud
    Always displays an error message:

    "An unexpected error ocurred while trying to Communicate with Adobe InDesign"

    I tried with open Id, including the same document, without the document, Id closed....

    Thanks you


  6. Tue Oct 20 20:35:06 2015
    J joaquin H posted in Can I work with a mac cloud server?.

    Thanks Angelo,

  7. Wed Oct 14 17:21:08 2015
    J joaquin H posted in Link to web does not work.

    Hi Giancarlo,
    Today I'll try the software on a Mac and I think should get one.

    What I mean is that this feature works perfectly on Mac?

    Thank you so much


  8. Mon Oct 12 22:40:44 2015
    J joaquin H posted in Link to web does not work.

    Hi Giancarlo

    I have used the last versión 2.0 (497).
    I send you a shared folder by dropbox with a example at info@pubcoder.com

    Thanks you


  9. Thu Oct 8 15:32:29 2015
    J joaquin H posted in Link to web does not work.

    Hi Giancarlo

    I'm using the Windows version and I do testing on my desktop computer.

    In addition I have to put http, also I have to be careful not to put https, it is still not working.

    All this that is if I do a preview of the page and speaking always does work when applied "Open in Browser"

    If I make a preview of all pages and start on the page that contains the problem can not be seen more pages. If, prior to the order of what I do from another page when I get to page troubled controls to turn pages disappear everywhere. In addition most of the controls on the top of the window ¿?

  10. Wed Oct 7 21:55:02 2015
    J joaquin H started the conversation Can I work with a mac cloud server?.

    Hello again,
    I found an online company to work with a Mac. It's called http://www.macincloud.com/

    I have written them about the possibility of using online yours software and this is what I have answered them:

    Hi Joaquin,

    Note that we do not provide or support Pubcoder.

    If the program can be installed without administrator rights, you are free to install it yourself. However, if it requires admin privileges to install, please download the installer (.pkg or .dmg) to your Desktop or Downloads and send us a support request after purchasing a subscription. We may install the application for you. Note that depending on the nature of the application, we cannot guarantee that all applications be installed.

    If you have any other questions please let us know.
    Thank you..................................................................................................

    Could you tell me if you think it would be possible? It really is urgent. I have a client to submit a project and need help fast.

    Thank you so much



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