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    Wed Jan 24 17:00:22 2018
    M Manuela L started the conversation Drag.

    I still have a question:
    In the “Drag” event, is it possible that the image that I drag is a copy of this? Let me explain...
    For ex. I have the image of a leaf.
    When I drag it on a branch, in reality the leaf that is dragging is a copy, one always remains in its place. so that I can play to fill my branch of leaves, but using only 1 symbol. So I can have 1 symbol only of green leaf, 1 symbol only of yellow flower, 1 symbol only of red flower .... but I can play to create the whole tree crown.
    Is this possible?
    Thank you

  2. Wed Jan 24 16:40:08 2018
    M Manuela L started the conversation Pan & Zoom.

    I’m in free trial with the PubCoder 3 and I'm full of expectations.
    I'm testing the various features. I'm just an illustrator, not a programmer...
    I'm trying the Pan and Zoom widget, but I have a problem: my panoramic image (which is the background of the whole page) in the preview moves not only right and left, but also at the top, it almost disappears at the top!!!
    Is there a way to "lock" the movement only in the direction I want?
    Thank you