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    Tue Mar 12 18:21:15 2019
    Olive L posted in Azardi Soundtrack Issue.

    Thanks for the response Angelo, cheers!

  2. Tue Mar 12 16:58:04 2019

    I think this makes sense to me.
    So if I understand you correctly I can't have an animation layer on the Overlay and always have it shown while still applying the $(".SCOverlay").hide(); and $(".SCOverlay").show(); to everything else?

  3. Tue Mar 12 16:28:00 2019

    hey Angelo,

    Again, I appreciate the support. I've been able to get the open overlay/close overlay buttons to work great with the JS lines added. However, I've tried adding the $(".auto-hide-show").hide(); and the $(".auto-hide-show").show(); to the overlay animation I want excluded from the overlay auto-hide/auto-show and I still can't get it to work. Just to be clear I always want this overlay animation to be shown (never hidden) while keeping two buttons that can both show and hide everything else on the overlay.

    Here is a screenshot of the CSS class added to the animation:

    I also tried running it as JS action:

    Anything you're seeing here that I'm doing wrong?

  4. Mon Mar 11 20:07:38 2019

    Angelo, thanks for the reply.

    I've tried applying those CSS classes to my overlay animation I always want to be shown (so this would be the only object on the overlay that would stay shown once a button with the $(".SCOverlay").hide(); JS script is tapped -- It doesn't work.

    This is obviously something I am not qualified to figure out code wise. I'm wondering if there is maybe something I'm doing wrong with the CSS class on my animation.

    Any other ideas?

  5. Mon Mar 11 16:38:23 2019

    Angelo, you're amazing.

    That works well – but there is a small animation I have built that lives on the overlay layer. It's a "scan" effect, so when the user taps the middle of any page it shows the hidden "scan" animation" and reveals little glossary items that the user can then tap onto to reveal corresponding, hidden content on the overlay.

    So this animation needs to be viewable at all times and the hide JS script permanently hides it. If I run the show JS script on another button it doesn't re-show the animation. Also, a "show object" action that is attached to playing that animation after the JS hide overlay script has run doesn't show that animation either.

    In short, there is this one animation that is on the overlay and needs to be viewable at any time throughout the book regardless of the JS hide/show overlay scripts.

    Hopefully this makes sense.

  6. Mon Mar 11 16:03:12 2019

    Hey Angelo, thanks for this!

    I've tried this out and it works, however it permanently hides the overlay after the button has been tapped now -- so the hide/show aspect of the overlay doesn't seem to work now. Any ideas?

  7. Sun Mar 10 01:38:36 2019
    Olive L started the conversation Azardi Soundtrack Issue.

    Hey, I've been wanting to link my ePub3 file in browser to an Azardi Reader file. I've tested this ePub3 book in the native Azardi desktop app, and it work surprisingly well: out of all of the other alternatives this, so far, is the closest thing to the fluidity and fully featured results I can get with Apple Books).

    My reason for wanting a desktop/browser option for readers is because there are some in my audience who simply do not own an iPhone/iPad – and to date, there is nothing on Android that is similar to Apple Books. Azardi is the closest thing I've found. So with this in mind, it seems all of the interactive stuff from PubCoder carries over very nicely, however the Soundtrack option doesn't seem to work/play at all. Is there a workaround for this?

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!


  8. Sun Mar 10 01:24:50 2019

    Angelo thanks for this reply, sorry I'm just responding now (for some reason I'm no longer receiving notifications from forum replies).

    Please forgive me, I'm not sure how to add this JS action on a button. Is this something you can explain to me?

  9. Wed Feb 27 17:23:02 2019

    Is there any way I can get a reply to this? Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. 5 years ago
    Tue Feb 26 01:43:14 2019
    Olive L started the conversation Close/hide everything on Overlay.

    Hi, is there a way to create a button that can be set to hide everything on the Overlay layer? Right now I have several pop ups with "CLOSE" buttons. It would be great if there was a universal way to have a single button close/hide the Overlay layer once shown without having to create so many individual Close buttons. Please help.
    Thank you!

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