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    Wed Sep 8 10:30:21 2021

    Thanks Angelo, will try that :)

  2. Wed Sep 8 09:31:38 2021

    Hi Angelo,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I meant for an object that is already 'hidden' (it appears when actioned to by a button) - the reason is that I have hidden text that will appear when a button is clicked but a few readers are skipping to the next page without reading it properly - I just want some faint indication that the text is there waiting to be activated.

    I realise that can do it with a duplicate layer but to save some time I was hoping I could make it faintly transparent instead of completely hidden.

  3. Fri Sep 3 06:44:51 2021
    B Brad P started the conversation Make hidden object slightly transparent?.

    Hi there.

    I was wondering if it's possible to make a hidden object transparent rather than completely hidden? I have 'show' and 'hide' attached to these objects, but would like some indication of them being there.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  4. Tue Aug 31 06:41:38 2021
    B Brad P started the conversation Can Pubreader work on Windows?.

    Hi there,

    I'm just double-checking that Pubreader is unable to be used on Windows - I'm sure that it's not, but I just need to make sure as I don't have a single Windows device try!

    Thank you,


  5. Sun May 9 14:05:40 2021
    B Brad P posted in Mute button?.

    No worries re. this query, I'm just going to let the player deal with sound, if people want to turn it off they can use the native controls :)

  6. Wed May 5 18:57:02 2021
    B Brad P posted in Mute button?.

    Yep, that's what I meant. To do that how would I need to add to this JS you gave me? Apologies, I'm hopeless with coding. See below:

        $(this).prop('muted', true);
  7. Wed May 5 18:54:15 2021

    Thanks guys

  8. Mon May 3 16:50:31 2021
    B Brad P posted in Mute button?.

    Oh I see. Thanks for your reply.

    I have the button with the javascript you gave me in the 'overlay' section, so I assume it runs on every page?

    Is there anyway to make sure it keeps the sound muted over the next page too or does the user have to click it on every page? If not then I'll just remove the button.

  9. Mon May 3 16:46:05 2021

    Awesome, thanks.

  10. Sat May 1 11:14:14 2021

    Have updated.

    Is there any way to to position the image within the pan/zoom object? At the moment it is positioned centrally and I'd like to have the left hand side displaying, with the user able to pan across to the right.

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