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  1. 5 years ago
  2. Tue Apr 19 14:21:01 2016
    P Penelope G posted in Publish from Windows?.

    You can do an i book for the store but not an app; for it you need to have a mac

  3. Tue Apr 19 14:19:18 2016
    P Penelope G posted in Mobi file not working at all.

    I've done a book for kindle and iPad: my links work except the effects I wanted to give to my links; kindle keeps them with a underline.
    Did you try the [url=http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?docId=1000765261]kindle previewer instead of the kindle app ?
    Also what you can do is to add in the css style a { text-decoration: (your value) !important} it can help ...
    Hope it helps,

  4. Mon Mar 21 08:54:11 2016
    P Penelope G posted in Generate TOC.

    Thanks a lot for your post.
    I've simplified the toc and will "clean" manually the .epub after publishing it but the issue is more for the .mobi version; I can't modify it as it's encoded in .mobi (can I ?)

  5. Wed Mar 16 10:00:49 2016
    P Penelope G started the conversation Generate TOC.

    Hi. I am doing an epub and mobi version of a book.
    In the Inspector icon, I've named my page title and quote or not where my chapters start. As well, I've named my thumbnails.
    After publishing my books, I found out to have a very long list of toc. Starting by one auto generated list of chapter with numbers (chapter 1, chapter 2, etc), followed by my list and them all the page names.
    I can easily enter into the toc.xhtml sheet of the .epub to remove the unnecessary chapters. For the mobi, I can't do it.
    What is the good way to render the toc you want ?
    Thanks for your feedback,

  6. Tue Feb 23 11:39:59 2016
    P Penelope G started the conversation Dropcap for kf8.

    I've used a css style in order to do a dropcap letter for each of the first paragraphs of a epub and a kf8.
    Everything goes fine, even with the pubcoder preview. But if I see the mobi file with kindle previewer, my first line of my first paragraph supposed to follow the first letter starts on the same position than the first letter. I've tried the famous !important without success. Need your help for this tricky problem...

  7. Tue Dec 8 10:41:44 2015
    P Penelope G started the conversation Google earth video integration.

    Hi everybody,

    I am looking to integrate a video recorded with google earth pro and rendered on .kmz format. Can I use it and make it readable on an .epub for iphone or do I have to convert it or add a readable info such as to view it you need google earth app ?
    Anybody experienced it before ?
    Thanks for the feedbacks,