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    Mon Feb 17 09:46:25 2020
    T Talha Y posted in Pubcoder 3.6 and Android.

    I have serious problems with the exported Android apps as well. Mine also have started with the Pubcoder 3.6 version (after the new system of building Android apps without Android Studio). Here is what happens:

    My app simply becomes unresponsive after a while. The screen freezes. This can happen at any screen so it is not related to doing something specific. It usually happens after about 5 minutes of using the app so I am suspecting about a memory leak or something.

    I have been waiting with the expectation that there will soon be a new release with such problems fixed but it is already several months since the last update. The problem has really become annoying and I am also getting complaints from other users. Are you planning a new release with a fix soon?

  2. Wed Sep 4 09:40:25 2019

    I think it would be nice to add the option to include "activity indicator" because pages take some time to load on Android. The app literally freezes for a few seconds. On iOS, the pages load and become responsive immediately so there is no need for an indicator.

  3. Wed Sep 4 09:32:13 2019
    T Talha Y started the conversation Android App Bundles?.

    Google Play Store really, really tries to choose using their "App bundle" format. They claim that this is better, safer, reduces the app file size, and also allows bigger apps (max150mb instead of 100mb).

    Each time they keep asking permission to convert my app to this delivery method. But they also say that if I opt in, it is not possible to go back to the old format !

    So my questions are as follows:

    1- Do you recommend that we choose this option?
    2- If we choose this, how should we proceed (they offer different methods)
    3- If we choose, can there be problems later (when updating etc.)

  4. 5 years ago
    Thu Feb 21 09:42:53 2019


    Using Google Play to access the app page, I do not see any incompatibility and the app size is correctly shown as 80 mb's. It also downloads and works correctly. However, the app page using a browser (the above link) still says that the app is incompatible and the file size is just 2.3 mb's.

    So, obviously there is some sort of error or a bug related to the browser access. I don't know if this is related to Pubcoder or Google. Any ideas or suggestions?

  5. Wed Feb 20 21:52:44 2019
    T Talha Y started the conversation Google play wrongly says the app is incompatible.


    My earlier post(s) did not receive a reply, but I would really appreciate a prompt response this time.

    I have just published my app on Google Play Store and, to my surprise, Google Play says my app is incompatible with all !!! of my devices. I have uploaded the expansion file, followed all the procedures without getting any errors etc prior to the launch. I have been testing the ad-hoc version so I know it is compatible. The device catalog says my app is compatible with 10.419 devices!

    Also, the app size is shown as 2.3 mb although it has to be more than 80 mb with the expansion file. I don't know if this is normal?

    Here is the link to the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yaltayalta.modernmakro

    Any suggestions or directions?

  6. Wed Feb 6 09:56:55 2019
    T Talha Y started the conversation Privacy policy info?.


    Google Play asks for a link to the privacy policy for every app. So here are a few crucial questions:

    1)- Does Pubcoder created apps collect any type of user data?
    2)- What types of permissions do the apps require while installing and running (for iOS and Android)
    3)- So, what do we need to disclose as "Privacy Policy" for apps created by Pubcoder?


  7. Fri Oct 19 12:06:44 2018
    T Talha Y started the conversation Go to next/previous page effect request.

    I have a feature request that should be relatively easy to implement:

    Curently, the "Go to next/previous page" and "Go to page.." actions have no options. It would be really great to have an option to move in (from left or right) the thumbnail image of the target page. It would be an added bonus if the target page starts loading in the mean time.

    I think this feature is really needed because currently, without any transformation effect, going to a new page is rather abrubt and too sudden. It can be disorienting.

  8. Fri Oct 19 11:57:02 2018
    T Talha Y started the conversation Event after quiz.

    Is it possible to trigger an event (such as showing/moving an object) after the user clicks the "check" button in the quiz widget?

  9. 7 years ago
    Wed Jul 20 09:11:25 2016
    T Talha Y posted in Admob and in-app ads.

    Hello. Anyone there?

  10. Fri Jul 15 11:51:00 2016
    T Talha Y started the conversation Admob and in-app ads.

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible and easy to use Google's Admob (or something similar) to provide in-app ad banners or ad videos in PubCoder created apps. If yes, could you point out some tips, directions, or maybe a small tutorial?