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  1. 2 years ago
    Wed Nov 24 18:56:16 2021
    D Dominique V posted in Suspension of Android export (fixed).

    Hi Paolo and the team,
    The same for me, please.

  2. Sun Apr 18 17:13:03 2021

    Hello Angelo,

    It seems to be OK with me.


  3. Sat Dec 19 21:44:27 2020
    D Dominique V posted in Expansion file on Google Play.

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks a lot for your piece of advice.
    Actually, it worked for me. I hope it will be the same for you too!

  4. Wed Dec 16 21:43:03 2020
    D Dominique V started the conversation Expansion file on Google Play.

    I try to create a release on Google Play console. I'm able to upload the new APK version. But I don't know how to upload the expansion file (i.e. the zip file that is supposed to be attached to the APK).
    In the previous version of the Google Play console, there was an add icon (+) that is no more visible in the new version. So I'm stuck.
    Could somebody tell me how to do that, please?

  5. 3 years ago
    Tue Sep 22 18:55:21 2020

    Hi Dylan,

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to solve this issue myself and didn't get any response. I use Pubcoder latest version for Mac and the bug remains. The positive point is that it's only when I create a web app.
    Well, if you find the key, please, don't forget me.
    Good luck anyway.


  6. 4 years ago
    Tue Oct 22 00:39:08 2019


    Could I please get some assistance or some kind of response on this?


  7. Fri May 10 15:36:25 2019


    Could somebody explain me this strange behaviour? Am I the only one to face that issue? Is it a bug or something I did wrong?
    Thanks for your help.


  8. Tue Apr 16 10:15:36 2019
    D Dominique V started the conversation Highlighting stops after one minute (webapp).


    I noticed something weird. I use the Read aloud functionality in a webapp (HTML5). The trouble is about highlighting the text. Everything is fine if the duration of the text reading is less than one minute. When the reading of the text exceeds one minute, the end of the text (beyond one minute) is not highlighted any more. This issue appears in each browser. However, the highlighting continues till the end of the text when in another format (ePub3).
    Is it a bug? Did I miss something about Pubcoder configuration? How could I solve this issue?
    Thanks for your help.