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    Mon Jul 29 15:56:11 2019
    T Timo T started the conversation Firefox problem.


    I can't open the exported HTML file in firefox (68.0.1). Firefox shows the error "Unable to parse file: BookPayload/info.xml"
    But with an older version (66.0.5) it still works.
    Is there a way to fix this?

    I have to edit my post here:
    I tried it on several browsers (Chrome, FF, IE, Edge) and there is always the same massage. Apparently it was just the first time it worked on the older FF version.

    Do you have any advice to run the HTML export?


  2. 5 years ago
    Mon Aug 13 11:41:30 2018
    T Timo T posted in Hiding the overlay layer?.

    Hi Andy,

    perfect, thanks a lot.

  3. Thu Aug 2 10:13:26 2018
    T Timo T started the conversation Hiding the overlay layer?.


    is there a possibilty to hide the overlay layer during work in pubcoder? So the content of this layer doesn't appear while editing the other layers.


  4. Fri Jul 13 12:28:39 2018
    T Timo T started the conversation Jumping after page load.

    When exporting a HTML file Pubcoder creates a "loading.jpg" for each page, including all the content, for the swipe animation. When switching to the "real" content (after 1 sec loading) there is a little jump especially in the text visible.
    Is there a way to avoid this procedure and avoid this "jumping"??

    I've tried this on different browsers and even exported this as xbup via wifi on a tablet (pubreader). Always the same issue...

    Do you have any suggestions??
    Is this way of exporting only as HTML or could I use iOS/Android to avoid this?


  5. Wed Jul 11 16:07:56 2018
    T Timo T posted in Adding an image into text.

    Hi Angelo,

    thanks, that helped a lot.
    One additional question. Is it possible to convert an added picture to a button? So I can add an action to it.


  6. Thu Jun 28 08:56:33 2018
    T Timo T posted in Adding an image into text.

    Hi Andy,
    I am looking for a similar function. A button/link in a scrollable text.
    Would be great if you could share your solution.
    Thanks a lot,