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    Mon Dec 28 13:23:06 2020

    Hi Kathryn,

    received this from Amazon Support yesterday evening:

    Thank you for writing in. We are pleased to confirm that your app is LIVE and available on the Amazon Appstore for download. "

    So a happy ending. I requested that they re-test the app allowing time for it to load and it seems that they did.

    If you figure out how to remove the Pubcoder splash screen while loading please let me know.

  2. Thu Dec 24 15:52:59 2020

    Hi Kathryn,
    I'm currently in the process of uploading an app to Amazon App store for the 1st time.
    (I have a couple of apps on Google Play store so I thought I'd give Amazon a go.)
    I submitted the APK then got this message back:

    "We are unable to test your app as it does not function as intended. The app exits/ force closes/ freezes/ displays an error message after being launched. Please fix the issue and re-submit the app."

    I have tested it on Android 8 and 10 with no problems but the people at Amazon may have been testing on more devices and so hit the freeze up that you did.

    I have asked for more information from them and raised a bug report with Pubcoder.

    I'll post on this thread when/if I hear anything back. (probably after the holidays at this stage)

  3. Wed Dec 23 20:02:23 2020
    P Phil D posted in If/then, cases, or conditions .


    please let me know when your tutorial is ready and thank you for your kind offer.


  4. Wed Dec 23 19:25:50 2020
    P Phil D posted in If/then, cases, or conditions .

    Thanks for that Casimir.

    What I'd really like would be an Udemy type course - "Javascript for Pubcoder".
    That would tie everything up in one place.

  5. Wed Dec 23 14:59:26 2020

    John and Kathryn,

    I've often thought that a "Promotion" section on the forum would be a good idea.

    Folks could put links to their books on Google play or Ibooks store or whatever.
    We could all get to see what everyone is doing with Pubcoder.


  6. Wed Dec 23 13:45:18 2020
    P Phil D posted in If/then, cases, or conditions .

    Hi Angelo,

    an example of how to do this would be great.

  7. Sun Dec 20 12:33:01 2020
    P Phil D posted in google play license key.

    Hi Kathryn,

    the License Key is now in Monetization setup > Licensing.

    I had to google it to find the answer here:

    I have no idea why Google made this rather arbitrary change.
    Just to confuse us I suspect.

  8. Fri Dec 18 12:16:45 2020
    P Phil D posted in Expansion file on Google Play.

    Hi Dominique,
    The add icon (+) has been replaced by the "hamburger" icon (three horizontal lines).
    I uploaded an extension file a few days ago and am still waiting for the app to be reviewed.
    The console appeared to be asking for .obj extension file. I uploaded the .zip produced by Pubcoder and it went through. I'll have to wait and see if it passes the review.

  9. Thu Dec 10 21:06:42 2020
    P Phil D posted in If/then, cases, or conditions .

    I too think this would be a great addition to Pubcoder.
    Also - how about collision detection?

  10. Fri Feb 28 11:09:58 2020
    P Phil D posted in Pubreader on Google Playstore.

    Thanks Angelo!

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