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    Tue Nov 13 21:41:48 2018
    K Keith G posted in Read aloud word by word.

    Further to tracy's comment above, yes, word-by-word highlighting is important not only in early child learning, but for all children who are struggling readers and in need special leveled or phonics based readers. This is an important market for read-along technology.

    What is needed I think is a whole new tool/interface for word by word or phrase highlighting... one where we see the audio sequencing track and can slide markers back and forth -- or easier still - let us import an audacity file where the markers are inserted and convert that to your .smil file.

  2. Thu Nov 8 23:14:57 2018
    K Keith G posted in Read Aloud (multiple blocks).

    I like the automatic method of creating text blocks, but Is there any way to manually go in and merge or delete blocks or make edits after the Read Aloud process has been completed? I find the app is breaking up sentences in to unnatural blocks.