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    Sun Mar 3 22:38:21 2019
    T Thomas L started the conversation Android Keystore error.

    every time I want to create an APK, Pubcoder tells me that something is wrong with the keystore file, even though I have not changed anything. I then open and close the settings without making any changes and Pubcoder suddenly creates the APK. However, Google Play then won't accept it, telling me that the keystore code is wrong...
    This is very frustrating because it means that every time I fix a bug reported by my Alpha-Testers, I need to upload the APK as a new app, since I have no way of restoring the original keystore code (Google Play does not allow published apps to be removed)...

  2. Mon Feb 25 00:23:47 2019
    T Thomas L started the conversation broken APK-file.

    After I made a few changes to my project, Pubcoder suddenly produces a broken APK-file, which is only 2MB (should be around 30MB). There is no error message. Export to EPUB3 works fine. Any ideas?