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  1. 3 months ago
    Fri Aug 7 23:46:10 2020

    Daniel, I'm also getting this error!

    I just updated my PubCoder software before starting a new project, and when I go to test-export it, I get the following error (see screenshot). Currently, it only has the cover page, and the metadata only. I tested two other files from previous projects which passed validation just fine at their time of creation, but are now getting this same error.

    Did you ever get a resolution to the issue??

  2. last year
    Fri Feb 8 21:52:53 2019
    J Jodi G posted in Problemi testo e anteprima.

    Sto avendo lo stesso problema con lo spazio tra i paragrafi non mantenuti! Hai trovato una soluzione ??

  3. Fri Feb 8 21:47:22 2019

    The carriage return to add space between paragraphs is not working. Help! When I open up the editor, it looks fine there; but when I close it, the space between paragraphs is not maintained. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I'm running PubCoder 3.4.1 on a Mac with OS 10.14 (Mojave).

  4. Fri Feb 8 21:36:22 2019

    Hi, A P!

    I'm having that exact same issue! Did you figure out a solution? No matter what I try, the interface won't retain the space between paragraphs!