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    Thu Nov 9 13:09:33 2017

    Thanks for your questions I posted a similar one today
    Hopefully we get an answer

  2. Thu Nov 9 13:06:03 2017
    F Flavio P started the conversation (Inter)actions: tap or click is not touch.


    one of the main reasons why I bought Pubcoder is interaction.
    I'm a teacher of English and I want to create picture dictionaries.

    What I want to have is an image or button that is clickable (on desktop) or an image you can tap on (mobile). say e.g. an apple
    When I click/tap on the image an audio is played (apple.mp3) and a text is displayed (obviously a hidden text that is shown when I tap on the image and that - after tapping on the same image a second time - is hidden again).
    I tried with Pubcoder and it works but not exactly as I'd like it (at least on my desktop, I haven't tried it on my smartphone yet).
    My problem: touch down is a type of action where you keep touching the screen with your finger or pressing the mouse button
    That's not exactly what I want. Maybe i could create an extra button to hide the text, but I want to use the image as a toggle button to switch the status of the text to display from invisible to visible and viceversa as many times as the user wants.

    I'd like to a have the possibiliy of the following sequence:
    ACTION: I tap/click on the image (not touch, really tap or click)
    RESULT : the audio is played and the text is displayed at the same time
    ACTION: I tap/click on the image again
    RESULT : the text is hidden

    How can I achieve this?

  3. Fri Nov 3 09:45:20 2017
    F Flavio P started the conversation What apps to read e-books generated by Pubcoder.

    What's the best Android and&or IOS app to read an e-book generated by Pubcoder?
    What output format (in terms of Epub3) is the best one for reading an e-book on a 5-inches smartphone?
    I think Pubcoder consultants should suggest one.
    I'm a teacher and creating a multi-platform e-book (Android and IOS) should be more simple and versatile than creating 2 apps (one for Android and one for IOS)
    But when my students ask me what app to install to read it, what shall I answer?