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  1. 2 years ago
    Mon Sep 10 10:53:34 2018
    Paolo A posted in Real aloud.

    PubCoder follows the implementation provided by iBooks, which fundamentally allows only one toggle button.

  2. Wed May 2 19:23:25 2018

    Ok, here are the answers to those questions.

    A) Not at present. The reason is that PubCoder is compliant with EPUB3 standard, which requires XHTML vs. HTML. Most widget engines that I know of, including at least Bookry, do not respect the XHTML standard. This is valid also for our HTML and APP export, but this may change in the future, precisely for this reason, i.e in order to let external widgets to be imported for exports other than EPUB3

    B) Yes, here is an article on Medium on how to do that.

    C) Currently, there is no visible plan on importing PDFs.

  3. Mon Apr 16 19:08:54 2018

    Hello Robert,

    please send over the file with a wetransfer or any other link to, we will look into it.

  4. Mon Apr 16 18:47:34 2018

    Hello Damiana,

    seems unfair, but you must have an account with Google Play Books to make readaloud work. That is why it works with other books. You need to contact the Play Books department for this.

  5. Mon Apr 16 18:38:42 2018
    Paolo A posted in esportazione progetto.

    Buongiorno Sabrina,

    può gentilmente riformulare la domanda? "Visibile con tutti" in che senso?

  6. Mon Apr 16 18:33:30 2018

    Hi Milena,

    hope your problem is solved by now! One suggestion on our side is to close and re-open PubCoder, at launch it looks at all new valid provisioning profiles.

  7. Mon Apr 16 18:32:12 2018

    Ciao Davide,

    è vero, la documentazione risale a qualche versione fa. Tuttavia ti consiglio di guardare una guida generica di cosa significa fare una submission (grosso modo i principi espressi nella nostra doc vanno bene), è un processo cmq piuttosto complicato quello messo in piedi da Apple.

  8. Mon Apr 16 18:30:19 2018
    Paolo A posted in DISABLE Page SWIPE html5.

    Hello Karen,

    this is a known issue, we will solve this in the next updates. Will let you know when this happens.

  9. Fri Feb 23 11:02:10 2018

    Hi Rob,

    I have implemented a similar custom feature, the MutationObserver is the correct way. Will try to figure out how to bring this in PubCoder's native features.

  10. Fri Feb 23 10:59:01 2018
    Paolo A posted in One Project, Multiple Editors.

    Hi Vicqui,

    there is no way to work simultaneously on the same project, this would require a server technology to serve the content, that PubCoder does not have. What you can do is to work in team on different pages of the same project. Pass your project file (.pubcoder) file to your colleague, once your colleague has done his pages he can pass the project back to you; simply open his project, select his pages, copy them and paste them to your project. This operation will paste not only pages with assets, but also all interactions related.
    Of course your colleague will need either a license of his own.

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