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  1. 5 years ago
    Fri Feb 23 11:02:10 2018

    Hi Rob,

    I have implemented a similar custom feature, the MutationObserver is the correct way. Will try to figure out how to bring this in PubCoder's native features.

  2. Fri Feb 23 10:59:01 2018
    Paolo A posted in One Project, Multiple Editors.

    Hi Vicqui,

    there is no way to work simultaneously on the same project, this would require a server technology to serve the content, that PubCoder does not have. What you can do is to work in team on different pages of the same project. Pass your project file (.pubcoder) file to your colleague, once your colleague has done his pages he can pass the project back to you; simply open his project, select his pages, copy them and paste them to your project. This operation will paste not only pages with assets, but also all interactions related.
    Of course your colleague will need either a license of his own.

  3. Thu Feb 22 12:19:47 2018
    Paolo A posted in Team License.

    Vicqui, please contact us on for this.

  4. Mon Jan 22 16:53:02 2018
    Paolo A posted in Help uploading HTML5.

    Sometimes FTP "forget" to upload that file, try explore remote folder to see if it's actually there. If not, upload that single file in the correct folder.

  5. Mon Jan 22 16:51:53 2018
    Paolo A posted in Pubcoder 3 counter object.

    Hi Lisa,

    I think we managed to figure out this via support, correct? Let us know if you have any further issues.

  6. Mon Jan 22 16:47:47 2018
    Paolo A posted in Team License.

    Hi Vicqui,

    do you have a multi-seat or a multi-user license? Let me know!

  7. Mon Jan 22 16:45:55 2018


    you can work on a single project file AND export that same file as iOS app and Android app.

  8. Mon Jan 22 16:44:52 2018

    Hi Marco,

    PubCoder supports conversion only the Creative Cloud version of InDesign.

  9. Mon Jan 22 16:17:51 2018
    Paolo A posted in Pubcoder on macOS High Sierra.

    Interesting. Did you remove all your previous tests from your device? I am afraid this has to do with cache on your device. In any case we will check this and be back to you asap.

  10. Mon Jan 22 15:49:18 2018
    Paolo A posted in Pubcoder on macOS High Sierra.

    It's not clear to me what you have done: when you got it on the app store did it show the PubCoder icon? From where have you downloaded the app, if deleted?
    Anyway, you should be able to customize that from the itunes connect site directly.

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