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  1. 5 years ago
    Mon Jan 2 18:45:52 2017
    Paolo A posted in Embed Iframe Google Maps.

    Ciao Lorenzo,

    nel formato EPUB3 non è possibile inserire contenuto remoto, costituisce una violazione di (quasi) tutti i reader del formato, per quello che trovi quell'avviso. Solo se fai un'applicazione nativa iOS e Android, o una webapp (HTML) puoi inserire il codice embed.

  2. Mon Jan 2 18:17:04 2017

    That's a different issue: you need to either make sure you can open the App Menu (which will show the language selection button) or insert a custom button with "Open localizations menu" action.

  3. Thu Dec 1 10:55:22 2016

    As discussed on a separate email, this has to do with a specific ebook retailer.

  4. Thu Dec 1 10:37:06 2016
    Paolo A posted in Help uploading HTML5.


    please contact us at and will help you out.

  5. Thu Dec 1 10:36:17 2016
    Paolo A posted in Organizing assets into folders.

    One of future developments is to create "groups" of assets (rather than folders) so that you may group a same asset in different groups. Not immediately, but will happen ;-)

  6. Thu Dec 1 10:34:12 2016

    On which output does this happen - EPUB3, native app iOS Android, or HTML?

  7. Thu Dec 1 10:33:21 2016

    E' un bug dell'output HTML, al prossimo rilascio risolviamo.

  8. Thu Dec 1 10:32:45 2016
    Paolo A posted in Read Aloud (multiple blocks).

    No, as what is highlighted is an id in the HTML. Id MUST be unique.

  9. Thu Dec 1 10:31:35 2016
    Paolo A posted in License purchase.

    Please contact our support center:, forwarfing your request.

  10. 6 years ago
    Fri Nov 4 16:53:13 2016

    You should try to implement a local storage, it's the only way to register events thorugh pages, but needs some advanced coding skills.

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