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  1. 6 years ago
    Fri Nov 4 16:52:12 2016
    Paolo A posted in OSX Sierra and PubCoder.


  2. Fri Nov 4 16:51:49 2016
    Paolo A posted in Javascript Problem.

    Try to put it asynchonously through a setTimeOut with different timings for each, just an attempt:

    setTimeOut(function() { $("#obj431").trigger(PubCoder.Events.TouchDown) }, 10);
    setTimeOut(function() { $("#obj433").trigger(PubCoder.Events.TouchDown), 20);
    setTimeOut(function() { $("#obj435").trigger(PubCoder.Events.TouchDown), 30);
  3. Fri Nov 4 16:49:32 2016

    Sì, usando l'oggetto contatore! Ogni volta che l'oggetto è trascinato, aggiungi uno all'oggetto contatore. Sull'oggetto stesso, al raggiungimento dell'obbiettivo (che gli definisci tu) fai scatenare le azioni che vuoi.

  4. Fri Nov 4 16:48:04 2016

    Hi CL,

    we've noticed there is one case on ID duplication, that's when you use more than one audio file per page (not Audio OBJECTS). Is this your case?

  5. Fri Nov 4 16:46:26 2016
    Paolo A posted in XML Local.

    Ciao Davide,

    l'abbiamo notato anche noi, vogliamo passare a JSON ma ci vorrà un po' di tempo.

  6. Fri Nov 4 16:45:25 2016
    Paolo A posted in Drawing Widget ~.

    Not yet

  7. Wed Oct 19 21:01:03 2016
    Paolo A posted in Drag and drop e audio.

    Infatti, è così. Bisogna trovare un modo diverso, e noi non lo abbiamo ancora trovato.

  8. Wed Oct 19 21:00:21 2016

    Actions are tied to - and triggered by - events. A workaround is to insert an object outside the visible area, add actions to the touch up event, and trigger the touch up event actions attached to that object from outside. Touch will never be triggered by the user, it's just a way to trigger those actions. Hope this is clear.

  9. Tue Oct 18 11:30:07 2016

    1- Yes, in the Example project at page 31 "Run Javascript Action" there is an example on how to use the code editor's snippet in combination with PubCoder events' namespaces.
    2- Interesting, have to look into it.

  10. Tue Oct 18 11:23:56 2016
    Paolo A posted in Embed audio files in quizzes?.

    No way, will talk with the team to see if and how we can extend the quiz widget and let you know

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