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    Thu Dec 7 18:30:40 2017
    M Milena J posted in PUB READER.

    Hi Angelo,

    Thank you for your answers, good to know this.
    I've downloaded and tried with the updated version but unfortunately there's a new problem and I cannot even create the .ipa file.

    Provisioning profile seems to be the problem since Pubcoder cannot find/I cannot select my new provisioning profile, the drop down menu shows only the old one that has expired.

    I've replied via email/support to you as well, with more details, hope you'll be able to fix soon.


  2. Tue Nov 28 10:32:47 2017
    M Milena J posted in PUB READER.

    Hi Angelo,
    thanks for your reply, yes indeed, like I'd written to Carlton and precisely as you're illustrating!

    At present there is this HUGE PROBLEM:


    Paolo at Pubcoder has contacted me but no solution yet. It would be great if somebody could just let me know how I can download the previous version of pubcoder that way I could move on.

    Thank you

  3. Tue Nov 21 12:12:56 2017
    M Milena J started the conversation iOS UPLOAD FAIL HELP!!!.

    ERROR ITMS-90530 invalid minimumOSversión....
    ERROR ITMS-90502 Invalid bundle

    I'm getting these errors in APPLICATION LOADER when trying to upload new version of app, I'm using Pubcoder 3 (884), I'd just updated to this new version a couple of days ago when it was released.


  4. Thu Nov 16 10:09:54 2017
    M Milena J posted in CRASH.

    Cool beans! Just updated to the new version of pubcoder3 and all seems to work now on the android device too :)

  5. Fri Sep 22 20:48:43 2017
    M Milena J posted in CRASH.

    Hi Anna,

    I've sent you link to file, thanks.

  6. Thu Sep 21 18:27:16 2017
    M Milena J started the conversation CRASH.


    Sent (from Mac via wifi) new version of my app to android device (version 6.0.1): ASUS Zenpad.
    Open app, all works well, until I touch for app menu and change language, screen turns black, end of app.

    Any ideas, help, anyone??


  7. Thu Sep 21 11:47:03 2017
    M Milena J posted in New Pubcoder 3.

    Thank you too Carlton, I've often read your posts/comments and they've been of help to me :)

  8. Wed Sep 20 15:59:50 2017
    M Milena J posted in New Pubcoder 3.

    on the far top right (project/page/etc)
    under project /project inspector
    under pinch to zoom

  9. Wed Sep 20 15:49:22 2017
    M Milena J posted in PUB READER.

    Hi Carlton,
    Thanks for your help! Indeed I 'm aware there's no multiple languages in Epub3, what I meant was exclusively for testing with the Pub reader app.
    It works with all localizations! exported in Xpub3 (have checked all the localizations under XPub settings) and then sent via wifi to the devices (I prefer to test like this than with apple simulator).

  10. Tue Sep 19 12:46:55 2017
    M Milena J started the conversation PUB READER.

    I'm testing new version of my app via PUB READER (wonderful to have this!)

    Problem: app includes 3 languages (localizations), these do not appear when I open the app in PUB READER (I can't change language, it will only display app in one language).

    Is this not available at present in PUB READER?

    Thank you!

    for anyone else cannot find it, it's in
    project settings/XPUB/and from here you can choose for one of more languages

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