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  1. 5 months ago
    Wed May 19 12:35:14 2021

    Hello Kathryn, sorry I missed your reply, can you link me to your books so I can see how your videos look in the end result, it would be helpful to know the settings you suggested.

  2. Fri May 14 13:44:46 2021

    100% agree

  3. 9 months ago
    Wed Jan 6 18:52:32 2021

    Hi Kathryn
    My issue is happening on an iPad
    I will let you know if I figure it out, please also keep me posted if you solve it

  4. Tue Jan 5 16:48:04 2021
    N Nadine B started the conversation Animation sound issue when viewed in ibooks.

    I have an animation that plays motion and sound correctly on the pubcoder stage and in preview on my desktop (windows)
    However when I preview in ibooks the sound doesn't sync with the motion correctly.

    the animation is 20 frames with an embedded .mp3 sound file.

    the interaction is:

    On tap

    Play animation
    repeat 3 times

    can you advise me on which settings to check

    many thanks

  5. 10 months ago
    Thu Dec 3 17:31:52 2020
    N Nadine B started the conversation Epub3 file testing Accelerometer on iPad.

    Can you help
    I am creating an interactive book on my Windows desktop
    I have added a float object to a Accelerometer event of a marble which I want to react to an IPad accelerometer.
    the action previews correctly in Pubcoder, but will not react when I test it in ibooks as an EPub3 file
    Is this facility only available as an ios export or have I missed a setting?



  6. last year
    Thu Aug 27 14:59:50 2020
    N Nadine B posted in MP3 audio assets.

    Many thanks

  7. Fri Aug 21 13:47:23 2020
    N Nadine B started the conversation MP3 audio assets.

    Can you clarify what is meant by MP3 Audio assets as opposed to mp3 files, as referenced in your online help guide for Audio object
    many thanks