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  1. 4 years ago
    Sat Jan 6 13:01:59 2018

    I can't get Pubcoder 3 to work when publishing as an iOS app.
    At the Settings it says "No suitable provisioning profile available".
    And I can't attach the provisioning profile since it's greyed out and the yellow warning triangle is showing.
    The Code Signing Identy is correct and also is the App ID.

    When I open the same .pubcoder file in Pubcoder 2.5. everything works.
    And I can publish an iOS app for TestFlight and App Store.

    Has anyone an idea of what can be wrong in Pubcoder 3?

  2. 5 years ago
    Thu Oct 12 19:39:36 2017

    Good tip, Carlton - I have reported it as a bug now.

  3. Thu Oct 12 12:07:37 2017

    I am still curious about the "Shared resources" in the Beta 3 - is there/will there be that option?
    When I open my .pubcoder files (made with 2.5) in the Beta 3 nothing works at all - since I have included scripts with the "Shared resources" option in 2.5.

    All my pages start with: "<script type="text/javascript" src="../shared/my_script.js"></script>".
    But there seems not to be a "shared" directory when publishing from Beta 3.

  4. Thu Oct 12 11:56:36 2017
    J John N posted in Pubcoder's stopped working.

    Thanks, Carlton - I re-downloaded and it all works again.

  5. Sun Oct 8 18:44:48 2017
    J John N started the conversation Pubcoder's stopped working.

    Suddenly today my Pubcoder (Mac) doesn't work.
    It requires my account info to be entered every time I open it.
    I can log in but then I can't publish or preview page/project.
    It stops at "Rendering image..." and nothing works.
    Has anyone else encountered the problem?

  6. Fri Sep 15 17:16:08 2017

    Hi Anna,

    Sure - I have just send it via WeTransfer since the file is 200Mb.

    best regards

  7. Thu Sep 14 22:03:52 2017

    I found a workaround: Turn on "Reveal Cards at Start" and set the Time to 0,001 second - then it all works.
    And only a Night Owl will notice:)

  8. Thu Sep 14 20:53:26 2017

    Aha! It seems that if I turn on the "Reveal Cards at Start" then it works!
    But still with "Reveal Cards at Start" turned off it doesn't work.
    Has anyone actually got a full Memory Game to work?

  9. Thu Sep 14 20:25:12 2017
    J John N started the conversation Memory Game Widget behaves strange.

    I have made a Memory game using the widget.
    It works perfectly for the first game I play when going to the page with the widget.
    But from the next game and on - using a button with the action "Start Memory Game" it doesn't work.
    Cards stay flipped though not a pair, some cards suddenly flips back to the Back image etc...
    Does anyone have a clue of what I am doing wrong?


  10. Thu Sep 14 16:44:45 2017
    J John N started the conversation Beta 3: Shared Resources and Startpage.

    I have a couple of questions about the Beta 3 version:

    In version 2.5 there is at Project Settings the option to share "Shared resources" across pages. It will end up in the directory "shared".
    I can't find a similar option in the Beta 3 - there is only a "Custom files" at the "Page settings" but no "Shared resources" at the "Project Settings".
    Maybe I have overlooked it?

    Will there in Pubcoder 3 be an option to make an iOS app always start on the cover page? (and not on the page you were at when you closed the app).

    Best regards

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