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    Thu Jun 17 02:33:56 2021
    V Van S posted in Ongoing Text Issues.

    Hi Cathy,
    Glad it was helpful!
    If you update the default (grey) rendition all others should update too unless you've manually changed a property for something in another rendition... not sure how many edits you've made but depending on what you've done it might be easier to delete renditions that are a bit messed up and just start again. I'm not totally sure what you mean in regards to your question going forward - if you need multiple renditions you should export with all, if you only need 1 yes just include that one. You can choose which renditions will be exported in each format by going to project > project settings. if you want to export more than one rendition you need to choose 'Manage renditions manually' and choose at least one, possibly more option from each section.

  2. Wed Jun 16 14:45:21 2021
    V Van S posted in Disabled Objects.

    Hi Cathy,
    Are you deleting an object from a non-default rendition ? That's the only way I've found so far to disable objects and text.. can you explain in a bit more detail?

  3. Wed Jun 16 14:42:15 2021
    V Van S posted in Ongoing Text Issues.

    Hi Cathy I've found that when I create a new rendition it's based on an existing one - I just modify the new one with changed properties - is that not what you're finding? Are you having to build renditions from scratch? Are you following the steps in the help here? https://docs.pubcoder.com/pubcoder_renditions.html

    Anything you modify in the default rendition should update in the other versions, it's only when you edit a non-default (blue) rendition that the others don't update...

  4. Wed Jun 16 14:35:02 2021

    This is an interesting question, I too am using renditions (I have 2 for languages) and can see that each has an images and an audio folder which contains duplicate content. However with the HTML5 version presumably it will only load a single rendition (unless you switch languages in my case where it will reload the page) - so apart from taking up more server space is this an issue? I suspect what you're describing is fundamental to the Pubcoder setup and would be difficult to change...

  5. Thu Jun 10 04:26:15 2021

    I have a follow-up question - is it possible to make an action to hide the app menu, or (even better) show/hide the app menu (like the play/pause video action)?

    I can make an overlay button to show the app menu, but there is no option to make an action to hide the app menu.

    We are concerned about users of our site/app not always knowing to tap to show and hide the app menu and wish to make buttons to help them. We also have pages containing a video that fills the entire page, making it impossible to show/hide the app menu on those pages since any touch plays/pauses the video.

  6. Thu Jun 10 02:44:23 2021

    Thanks for letting me know Angelo - I'm working with both HTML and XPUB export (which will eventually be iOS/Android apps).
    We were investigating the idea of creating our own interface but have now decided to use the default app menu - the localisations (to change language), table of content and thumbnails are all very useful.

  7. Tue Jun 8 09:13:36 2021
    V Van S started the conversation Action to show table of contents.


    I can't see an action to show the table of contents - I can open the Localisations menu and the App menu but can't see an option for the TOC. Can this be done through javascript as a work around?

  8. Mon Jun 7 22:09:15 2021
    V Van S posted in Loading pages.

    See also this post: https://forum.pubcoder.com/219-prevent-showing-loading-jpg

  9. Wed Jun 2 08:45:13 2021
    V Van S posted in Loading pages.

    There are quite a few forums posts about this, I found them by searching for 'flash' or 'loading', for example: https://forum.pubcoder.com/209-hidden-objects-showing-breifly-on-load

    It seems like you can add an overlay image that is set to fade on page load...

  10. Tue Jun 1 01:11:43 2021

    In case anyone else wants to know - I submitted a bug report via the link in the documentation, and PubCoder confirmed that's a good place to submit feature requests.

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