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  1. last year
    Wed Nov 30 21:56:09 2022

    Hello, I published my app to the Google Play Store but every time I download the app, it loads the launch screen then say "Keeps stopping".

    I tried it on several devices and the same thing, any idea how to move forward here? thank you

  2. 2 years ago
    Sat Nov 6 15:28:08 2021

    Carol B You can't upload an APK anymore for apps created after August 2021 - it needs to be an Android App Bundle (which PubCoder can't currently export/create):

    Noted, thank you.

  3. Fri Nov 5 15:26:24 2021

    I am building this app for a client in both iOS and Android, this is really a big blow since I am closing in to publish in the respected stores soon.

    I have over 180 pages in this app.

    Can this be resolved somehow before March 2022?

  4. Fri Nov 5 15:24:02 2021

    I am still able to export apk files. How will this suspension affect the file?

  5. Wed Oct 13 17:07:43 2021
    A Amp T started the conversation Displaying counter value on another page.

    Can anyone give me an example of how to display a counter's value that's on page one, on page 10?

    Thank you in advance.