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    Tue Apr 20 10:51:49 2021
    Humberto N posted in IOS Export.

    Hi JM,

    As specified in the help page
    you have to create previously a certificate and a provision profile on the Apple developer portal and download them to you computer and install them (double click).

  2. Mon Apr 19 13:26:31 2021
    Humberto N posted in Limits on Entry/Exit interactions?.

    Hi Cathy,

    What do you mean by entry and exit interactions? On which events?
    When you set a move object interaction you must set the ending point (using either absolute or relative values).

  3. Mon Apr 19 13:17:20 2021
    Humberto N posted in opening and closing on tap.


    One way you can accomplish that is by using 2 buttons overlapped. On top the '?' button and bellow the 'X' button. Then you can attach for example the following interactions

    '?' button:
    - Tap or Touch Up
    Hide (self)
    Show Quiz

    'X' button:
    - Tap or Touch Up
    Show '?' button
    Hide Quizz

  4. Mon Apr 19 12:28:01 2021
    Humberto N started the conversation Touch Down, Touch Up and Drag with Internet Explorer.

    Hi there,

    We have the following interactions on some image elements:

    - Touch Down
    Play Audio File
    Bring to front
    Scale Object

    - Drag
    Drag object

    - Touch Up
    Bring back to initial layer
    Scale object

    It works well with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari but with Internet explorer it seems to fire only Touch Down. The drag and touch up interactions are not working.

    The IE version:
    svcVersion REG_SZ 11.789.19041.0

    You can try in the book with this link (Page 7). The reader can drag the food elements to their correct shadows.

  5. Mon Apr 5 16:13:36 2021

    Hi there,

    Any update on this issue? We're having the same behaviour.


  6. 5 years ago
    Tue Aug 30 18:40:37 2016
    Humberto N posted in Sharing on social media.

    Hi Paolo, thanks.
    Can you tell where is the xhtml file?

  7. Tue Jul 19 21:29:09 2016
    Humberto N started the conversation Sharing on social media.

    Hi there,

    The HTML5 output has an option to have social buttons in order to share content on social media.
    As an example we can share with Facebook.
    But, how does it works? Can we share a single pubcoder page? Can we control the meta info facebook reads from the page?


  8. Fri Nov 13 17:16:58 2015
    Humberto N started the conversation Preview iBooks.


    I'm trying to preview an ePub generated with PubCoder Windows version (2.0.3 - 587) on an iPad 3 (iOS 9.1) via wifi.
    It present the cover on iBooks, but the book is empty. It works with an iPad 3 (iOS 8).


  9. 6 years ago
    Fri Sep 4 02:11:29 2015
    Humberto N posted in Start/Stop Read Aloud.

    I've been suggested to use a Gesture Area to workaround, but the same way I was not able to make it work on device (Android 4.4 KitKat).

  10. Tue Aug 25 12:16:00 2015
    Humberto N posted in Errore test IOS APP.

    You have to enroll the Apple Developer Program as a licensed member in order to obtain certificates and provision profiles for testing Adhoc on devices.
    Maybe this steps can help

    It seems soon it will be not needed:

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