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  1. 10 months ago
    Wed May 3 17:40:39 2023

    Hello John, we will release a fix as soon as possible

  2. Wed May 3 17:23:35 2023
    Angelo S posted in Image Wrap - Inline Images.

    Hello Jacqueline, you mean shape-outside ?

  3. Wed May 3 17:21:45 2023

    Hello Vera, yes but you have to use LocalStorage via Javascript to achieve this

  4. Tue Apr 11 15:03:40 2023
    Angelo S posted in Randomized pages.

    You can extract the randomly chosen item from the array, save the result in the localstorage and get the array from localstorage if there's one. Of course it gets a bit more complicated, but should be something like that (not tested):

    // First, check if there's already an array of choices stored in local storage
    var savedChoices = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('choices'));
    if (!savedChoices) {
        // If there's no saved array or it's empty, use the provided choices
        savedChoices = choices;
    } else if (savedChoices.length === 0) {
        console.warn("every choice has already been made!");
    } else {
        // First run, setup the array of choices
        savedChoices = [2, 17, 20, 27, 35, 43, 46];
    // Now, choose a random value from the saved choices array
    const randomIndex = Math.random(Math.random() * (savedChoices.length-1));
    const chosenValue = savedChoices[randomIndex];
    // Remove the chosen value from the saved choices array
    savedChoices.splice(randomIndex, 1);
    // Save the updated array back to local storage
    localStorage.setItem('choices', JSON.stringify(savedChoices));
    // go to page!
  5. Tue Apr 11 10:19:10 2023
    Angelo S posted in Randomized pages.

    As another user just asked on support, a quickly wrote a variation on this where you can just pick a random page from a preset of pages (not from the entire book):

    const pagesToPickFrom = [2, 17, 20, 27, 35, 43, 46];
    const index = Math.round(Math.random() * (pagesToPickFrom.length-1));
  6. 11 months ago
    Mon Mar 13 15:04:56 2023
    Angelo S posted in Different languages.

    You could do it by chapter, but you would always see all of the pages on the reader

  7. Mon Mar 13 14:58:42 2023
    Angelo S posted in Button phone call.

    "open link" action with a tel:<number> url should work.

  8. Thu Mar 9 11:40:00 2023
    Angelo S posted in Punctuation errors.

    I added an additional utf-8 character encoding meta tag. The thing is that KF8 is produced by generating an EPUB3 fixed layout file that is then transformed into a KF8.
    Actually that warning comes from the EPUB3 validator, which is complaining about the double charset declaration:

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
    <meta charset="utf-8"/>

    The thing is that:

    1. If we remove the first meta tag, things break up in Kindle Previewer for Mac
    2. If we remove the second meta tag, things break up in the online Kindle Previewer (actually this is how we always exported KF8, didn't know about online Kindle Previewer issue)
    3. If we keep it both, EPUB3 validator complains

    May guess is that this is actually an issue by the online Kindle Previewer.

    - Do you see the content correctly on a physical device? If yes, do you see it correctly also with the production pubcoder release or only on the beta?
    Can you try to publish the file to Amazon Store just to be sure that their validator doesn't complain too?

    If it doesn't, the solution may be to simply muting the EPUB3 validator complain. Let me know how the publishing tests go.

  9. Tue Mar 7 12:33:02 2023
    Angelo S posted in Punctuation errors.

    Hello Daniel,
    I tried to add an additional UTF-8 encoding declaration for KF8 export in a beta release, please try it and let me know if this fixes the issue:

  10. last year
    Fri Mar 3 11:27:37 2023
    Angelo S posted in Audio for several pages.

    Hello Gabriel,
    sadly, those are problems with the ebook viewers that are not fully compatible with EPUB3, especially when it comes to advanced features like soundtrack, read aloud, interactivity. Those problems and incompatibilities is one of the reasons why we added other export options, like XPUB/PubReader, HTML, Native Apps, Shelf

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