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  1. last week
    Wed Apr 28 09:54:04 2021
    Angelo S posted in Pubcoder 4 Beta.

    Hello Humberto,

    • no, Internet Explorer is not supported anymore
    • about the show object issues, can you please upload your pubcoder project here so I can test it?

    Best Regards,

  2. Wed Apr 28 09:50:25 2021

    Hello Humberto, we are dropping support for Internet Explorer altogether in PubCoder 4, the new HTML5 export now requires a modern browser.

  3. Wed Apr 28 09:48:41 2021

    Thanks Brad, be sure to check out the updated beta at

  4. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Apr 12 17:00:36 2021

    Hello, PubCoder 4 beta is now available . Let us know if it fixes the issue correctly.

  5. Mon Apr 12 16:58:59 2021

    Hello Brad, PubCoder 4 beta is now available . Let me know if it fixes your issues

  6. Mon Apr 12 09:46:17 2021

    Hello Melanie,
    that's a generic message, you should see more detail below that initial message. Probably something is wrong with certificates and provisioning profiles.

  7. Mon Apr 12 09:44:20 2021

    Hello Russ,
    you need to use localStorage to achieve that

  8. Mon Apr 12 09:43:10 2021
    Angelo S posted in Copy & Paste Text.

    Of course. Anyway, when copying from PDFs or Word documents, the advice is to pass to first paste the text on a text editor and then copy that from here. This will get rid of rare special characters that can create issues.

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Apr 6 09:37:56 2021

    Hello Humberto,
    we should be able to release a beta of PubCoder 4 with the new html in a few days.

    I know we're late on this but we've been busy with other projects and also the new HTML reader was postponed to be part of PubCoder 4, where we are also optimizing the output itself to work better on desktop computers and chromebooks.

  10. 6 weeks ago
    Mon Mar 22 13:02:19 2021

    Hello Brad,
    this is a known bug caused by some behaviors that changed in the latest versions of Safari.
    It has already been fixed in PubCoder 4, which is not ready for production yet but we're almost ready to release a beta, would you like to participate in testing it before the final release? Let us know.

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