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  1. 4 months ago
    Thu Oct 6 11:56:09 2022
    Angelo S posted in Embed Video (Direct Link).

    Just use a video object to embed vimeo or youtube: click "Insert" button in the toolbar, then choose video and finally embed from youtube or vimeo, you will just need to enter the viedo URL.

    To embed from other sources, use a Smart Object which is an HTML code container where you can paste the embed code.

  2. Thu Oct 6 11:51:46 2022
    Angelo S posted in alpha channel isnt working.

    Hello, the opacity value goes 0 to 1, so you have to use 0.2 for 20%

  3. Thu Oct 6 11:50:52 2022

    what do you mean with "slider feature" ?
    For interactivity, take a look here
    As for cursor effects, yes you can do it with CSS

  4. Thu Oct 6 11:47:37 2022
    Angelo S posted in Adding Links to Images?.

    just select an image, and add an action to the Tap event in the Interactivity panel at the right of your project window.
    You can use a Go To Page action to link to another page or Open URL action to launch a website.

  5. Tue Sep 27 17:26:06 2022

    Try to just restart your computer

  6. Tue Sep 27 11:55:57 2022
    Angelo S posted in Challenge with Masked Image.

    You have to create a CSS class and add it to the masked image object.

  7. Thu Sep 15 09:43:55 2022

    Hello Zahir,
    you can get the counter value and display it in a text object using a "run javascript" action like this in the counter "value change" event:

    var cnt = PubCoder.getCounterValue("#obj120");
    PubCoder.switchText("#obj138", "Counter Value: " + cnt);

    please change the #objXX to your object IDs.

    you can download an example here:

  8. Mon Sep 12 13:01:23 2022
    Angelo S posted in User can change volume button.

    User can control the volume of Read Aloud and Soundtrack using the controls in the toolbar of the reader

  9. Mon Sep 12 12:59:00 2022
    Angelo S posted in Exit Button.

    you can set the desired behaviour in the project inspector, at the right of your project window: the property you are looking for is "opening page"

  10. 6 months ago
    Wed Jul 13 17:35:46 2022
    Angelo S posted in Sharing on social media.

    Hi Carlos, I fixed the link in the previous message.

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