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  1. 2 months ago
    Thu Sep 24 12:23:21 2020
    Angelo S posted in Animation with scroll.

    Hello Ian,
    you could try this approach, though it requires some code:

  2. Thu Sep 24 12:22:14 2020

    If that is not the case, please try with this beta version:

    we discovered a bug when using action *Play Audio File* inside a *Dropped Outside Zone* action list in a *Drag Object* action

    Please let us know if this fixes the error

  3. Thu Sep 24 09:55:19 2020

    Hello, we are aware of this issue in the HTML export. We are working on a brand new HTML reader which will solve the issue. Please check back in some weeks.

  4. Thu Sep 24 09:50:31 2020

    Hello Kathrtyn,
    this error usually comes from copy-pasting read aloud text boxes, please check & clean your text boxes and redo the read aloud on the faulty page. The error in PubCoder should tell you which is the duplicate ID to help you find it.

  5. Thu Sep 24 09:46:23 2020
    Angelo S posted in SCORRI CONTENUTO.

    Ciao Beatrice,
    puoi caricare il tuo progetto a questo indirizzo così diamo un'occhiata?

    In quale pagina è presente l'errore?

  6. 3 months ago
    Mon Aug 24 16:12:17 2020
    Angelo S posted in MP3 audio assets.

    Hello Nadine,
    an audio asset is simply an audio file that has been added to a PubCoder project.

  7. Mon Aug 24 16:10:40 2020
    Angelo S posted in PubReader not working.

    Hello Tina,
    please write to support and share your project file here so we can have a look:

  8. 4 months ago
    Thu Jul 23 12:04:32 2020
    Angelo S posted in Tumult Hype and Pubcoder.

    A bit late, but we've finally found a way:

  9. Mon Jul 20 12:40:14 2020
    Angelo S posted in Start /stop read aloud.

    Hello Kumar, that's the way read aloud works as defined by the EPUB standard. It is a media overlay with a global on/off status for the entire book.
    Maybe you should use something different (e.g. play audio action and an action to highlight the character, like a run javascript or switchimage) for your use case.

  10. Wed Jul 15 12:04:28 2020

    Of course, you can set the smart object containing the animation as "Hidden" in the selection inspector; then use a "show object" action to display it when needed.
    You can also use "Run Javascript" actions to play/pause the animation, as explained here:

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