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  1. last year
    Thu Aug 23 20:56:38 2018
    sheila G posted in A few issues.

    PLEASE SAVE THE COLOURING BOOK PAGE- it IS a priority - without it the great book you have designed is a waste of know I've been asking you to do this from the start - you do so MUCH that is amazing -
    Please do this too - thankyou Sheila

  2. 2 years ago
    Mon May 1 15:02:19 2017
    sheila G started the conversation SAVING The drawing in Drawing Widget.

    PLEASE get round to being able to save or send the drawing on e-mail... ALL Other drawing packages do this SURELY you- one of the best there is can do this.. I have requested this before and you tell me it is easy to do

  3. Mon May 1 14:58:30 2017
    sheila G started the conversation colouring widget.

    I can insert outline drawings ready to be coloured in to the widget but CANNOT remember how to show the TOOLBAR at the top which holds thumb nails of them.. I have done it in the past - but memory is gone!! PLEASE HELP