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    Sat Aug 12 16:23:04 2017
    Cristine C started the conversation New Pubcoder 3.


    I am formatting my new books using Pubcoder 3 and noticed that now the thumbnail pages appear across the botton in the android version as well as the apple version. Is there a way to turn off the thumbnails at the bottom of the page?

    When I asked before I was told it was an apple thing. Now that it also appears in the android version I think there should be a way to have Pubcoder turn off that feature. I have my "read aloud" text at the bottom of my pages and these thumbnails interfere.

    Any suggestions?

    Can we turn these off so them don't appear in our books?



  2. Sun Jul 9 20:02:57 2017
    Cristine C started the conversation Pubcoder 3.0.

    Just started to play with pubcoder 3.0. I did a sample of one of my books and I want to save it as an epub file so I can show people how to navigate through it. When I export my project (like I did in Pubcoder 2.5) it tells me my publication is ready and it wants me to download pubreader. I do not want to do that. I just want to save it so I can publish it. Can you tell me how I can just save without viewing?

    My second question is when will a video be released to show what new features are available and how to use them?

    Thank you

  3. 5 years ago
    Sun Jun 11 19:44:35 2017
    Cristine C started the conversation Pages at bottom of iBook.

    Just completed two new animated story books. When I put them into iBooks all the pages show up across the bottom. I know someone told me to uncheck the "touch to open" in the project setting menu but that doesn't show up in the epub format. Is there something I can do to make this go away or is this an iBook querk? Thanks

  4. Mon Jun 5 18:57:06 2017
    Cristine C started the conversation Publishing to iBooks.

    I already have two books published to the iBook store using iBooks author. I have an account with them etc. I am trying to find the instructions to publish my pubcoder epub books directly to the iBooks store. Is this possible? All I can find is instructions on how to download through iTunes. Any suggestions?


  5. Mon Jun 5 18:54:19 2017
    Cristine C posted in Read - aloud highlight.

    Thank you Angelo. This worked great.

  6. Mon May 29 19:04:31 2017
    Cristine C started the conversation Read - aloud highlight.

    I've set up my read-aloud but am finding that the first phrase on each page doesn't highlight. The voice starts when I press the button but the high lighted area starts with the second phrase. Can someone help me out? What did I do wrong?
    Thank you

  7. Tue Feb 21 17:00:02 2017
    Cristine C started the conversation Windows app.

    Does anyone know if we can use pubcoder to create an app for the windows store? It says you need to use the UWP (universal windows platform).


  8. Fri Feb 3 18:50:42 2017

    That's what I thought. Thanks for the help. Will definitely do it right the nest time.

  9. Fri Feb 3 17:13:44 2017
    Cristine C started the conversation Just published my first Pubcoder book.

    Hi everyone,

    I just finished my first android app using pubcoder. It is now available on both Google Play and the Amazon App store. I am really excited. I have 8 more children's books I want to convert and am working on the next two now.

    I did have one question ... When I set up my book I did it using ebook format. Then I added the android format as a sub-format. When I made changes i did them in the sub-format. The changes did not translate to the epub format. So I have to redo the epub format to reflect my changes. In the future if I make my changes in the original epub format will they translate to the sub-formats?

    Check out the links to my first book on my website - and click on the interactive book page.


  10. Tue Jan 31 20:09:53 2017
    Cristine C posted in Disable thumbnail pages.

    Thank you

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