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    Wed Sep 20 20:08:24 2017
    Carlton M posted in New Pubcoder 3.

    Thank you, Milena, I had no idea they moved it there. It would be helpful if they sent a readme file with the updates.

  2. Tue Sep 19 17:07:34 2017
    Carlton M posted in PUB READER.

    Milena, Epub3 do not have this capability. When you export XPUB you are exporting in an Epub3 format. Epub3 can only display the language of the device. If you wish to test different localization it must be done in an app format ie; Android or IOS.

  3. Tue Sep 19 16:34:21 2017
    Carlton M posted in New Pubcoder 3.

    Anna, okay I'm in Pubcoder 3, Project Settings for Android App and find no such things as: project panel, turning off the voice "Touch to open App Menù"
    Can you clarify, please.
    Thank you.

  4. Fri Sep 8 17:32:01 2017

    Okay Batool, here you go. I think this is what you wanted. You can also add sound to each action. If you want to add an event when the task is completed successfully you'll need to add the (Counter Object)
    Let me know and I'll do it for you.

  5. Sun Sep 3 14:17:00 2017

    Batool, I have not received any mail from you. Your file size may be too big to send through normal email.

  6. Tue Aug 29 22:50:12 2017

    Okay, my email address is Send me a Dropbox link if you have one. If not it's okay.
    Please explain in detail what you're trying to accomplish. The picture is unclear.
    Thank you.

  7. Mon Aug 21 00:41:19 2017

    Here's a conversation I had with Paolo last year. He helped me with the same problem.

    Carlton M 8 Mar 2016
    I'm developing a sticker book. I have a Counter Object with a Drag Object to a Target Drop Zone. Once 6 objects are place in their drop zones an animation plays.
    The problem is that the object being dragged to the counter object does not lock down when it hits it's drop zone. I am able to move the sames object to the same drop zone continually until the animation plays without touching any of my other objects.
    Is their a way to lock the object down once it hits it drop zone? Thank you.

    Paolo A 14 Mar 2016 Administrator
    It's up to you to decide what happens when the object is dropped in the dropped zone. To do so: edit the actions and add move object with target "self" to stick it where you prefer.

    Carlton M 15 Mar 2016
    The problem is that it doesn't stay where you put it. A child's hand can easily move it out of it's position again. Then, if it's moved back to it's original position for the second time the counter object increases.
    Is their a way to lock the object down once it hits it drop zone? Thank you.

    Paolo A 15 Mar 2016 Administrator
    There are many ways to do obtain this, a couple:

    Duplicate the object that you want to drag, position it to the end position like if it was dropped, and set it as hidden. When the original object is dropped, move it to the right position, hide self and show the hidden object. The duplicated object has no events assigned, thus cannot be moved
    Create an empty rectangle or an interactive area overlapping the dropped zone, and set it as hidden and "always catch touch", in a layer in front of the draggable object. When the object is dropped show the rectangle/interactive area, and the underlying objects cannot receive touches any more.

  8. Fri Aug 18 16:11:40 2017

    Batool A,
    In your Drop Zone edit action, you can add an Interactive Area over to the top of the Drop Zone. (make sure it is on top)
    The Interactive Area should be set to Show Object and be the final action in your Drop Zone Action Panel.
    In the Interactive [b]Area inspector panel[/b] turn Hidden on and Always Touch on. This will ensure that when its activated it will not be seen.
    This will lockout the Drop Zone so nothing else can be placed on it.
    Hope this is helpful.

  9. Tue Aug 15 15:49:02 2017
    Carlton M started the conversation Text editor.

    Here's a new issue. I'm in the text editor trying to resize the box to a new rendition. The text totally disappears upon resize. The only way to get the text back is to command z.

  10. Wed Aug 2 16:12:01 2017
    Carlton M posted in Meltdown.

    Okay, I think I figured it out. For the Pubcoder3 newbies. When modifying renditions for read aloud you must only re-size your pixels and line space. Do this until it fits inside you text box. Any modification to your line or paragraph structure will cause the read aloud system to malfunction.
    Now I have to figure out how to correct all the modifications I messed up.

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