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    Wed Aug 29 07:08:56 2018

    Well its great to hear you are having some success. Hope your end users batteries keep on chugging in them old samsungs for a while given the effort you have gone to.

    With regards to optimisation of images i would think that the rule may apply to jpegs as well. I found the old link that lists how to speed up image load times.

    11 to 16 may be of some relevance for png optimisation in your case. I am hoping that the pubcoder team re-emerge soon as there seems to be a lot of questions on the board.


  2. Sun Aug 26 11:28:39 2018

    Hi again, the experts from pubcoder might disagree but i think that if you are trying to load 10 mb pngs its probably a bit heavy for the graphics processing to get rendered quickly. I would try loading only a few images and see if you get an improvement and add more until the lag is too much. When i did some game work with a program called “gamesalad” i was told by a developer to make your png resolution size divisible by 4 to optimise the processing. Not sure if that helps in this situation but might be worth a go.
    All the best:-)

  3. Fri Aug 24 03:53:21 2018

    Hi Lisa,
    Yes i could eliminate spinning wheel but only when i lost a lot of interactivity (swipe or touch down to start animations) and i had jpegs rather than png. Out of curiosity how big are your Png files in size mb???

  4. Wed Aug 22 22:46:28 2018
    A A P posted in Swipe down text.

    Hello Maria,
    If you want to make your text box scrollable for readers, there is a check box that you can choose for the object to make it scrollable. You can enter text that exceeds the box boundaries and when rendered users can swipe up and down to view it.

  5. Wed Aug 22 14:37:31 2018

    Hi Phil, i am no expert but Pubcoder supports Java script code so you could probably find some code snippets from the web and put them in a smart object to get the swipe response you wanted.

    I am sure someone from the pubcoder team can help you find a code resource
    I found this site... not sure if its any help to you.


  6. Wed Aug 22 14:20:56 2018

    Hi Lisa T,
    I have had a similar problem that was somewhat improved by firstly making sure my xpub output image render was set to low quality Jpegs and for an android screen resolution. Are you also using an android specific rendition setting when you build your content?

    I think the pubcoder team are on a short break so you may not get a response till end of August.
    Kind regards,

  7. Fri Aug 17 12:01:28 2018
    A A P posted in Video format.

    Hi Antonella,
    I use an MP4 format and alter the compression to suit target device.
    Hope that helps

  8. Mon Aug 13 07:48:56 2018
    A A P posted in Hiding the overlay layer?.

    Hi Timo,
    If you select "view" in the top tool bar and then uncheck "overlay objects" in the drop down your overlay layer will be invisible when not directly selected.

  9. Sun Aug 12 14:08:23 2018
    A A P started the conversation Stop iphone video playing full screen.

    Hi Pubcoder team,
    I have a video that I want to keep at a set size when played (No full screen mode) as part of a page in an XPUB document. I have got it working fine on an iPad but when played on a iPhone 6s it keeps automatically going to full size when played, blocking out surrounding text with black background.
    I have playback controls ticked off and play full screen also unchecked.

    Is there anyway to disable the auto full screen mode for the iPhone?
    Kind regards,
    Andrew Puffett

  10. 3 years ago
    Fri Aug 4 01:03:37 2017
    A A P posted in Adding an image into text.

    Hey all good figured it out. If anyone wants to know how just post me happy to explain.

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