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  1. 8 years ago
    Wed Nov 25 16:23:39 2015
    C Carolina Z started the conversation Problem exporting an Android App.

    with the new update I can not export my android application , I tried files that were exported successfully, and I get the same error:

    Failed to build "name.pubcoder"
    An error occurred while copying files.
    cp: /Applications/Pubcoder.app/Contents/Resources/
    android-reader: unable to copy extended attributes
    to /private/var/folders/w6/
    TemporaryItems/android-reader: No such file or directory
    cp: //Applications/PubCoder.app/Contents/Resources/
    android-reader: Permission denied

  2. Wed Oct 21 18:04:22 2015

    Hi, in iOS apps restart... is there some way to avoid that the soundtrack restarts in each page?


  3. Wed Oct 21 18:01:25 2015
    C Carolina Z started the conversation Vibration response to an action.

    Hi, I want to know if there exists a chance to generate that the vibration of the device as response to an action.

    Is it possible?