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    Tue Jul 4 20:42:10 2017

    Thank you Anna!

  2. Thu Jun 29 18:56:34 2017
    J Junior N started the conversation How to create a flip effect on pages?.

    Here an example of what I want to do:

    But I didn't found an exemple produced in Pubcoder with these aspect.
    Someone here know how to do this in pubcoder? Or an exemple of some one else who did something like this in pubcoder?
    The program have suport to Java Script an HTML5, but somebody knows if i really can apply this flip animation effect through these supports to my books?
    Please i just need some light!

  3. Sat Jun 24 14:38:41 2017
    J Junior N posted in Kindle Animation? Kindle Motion?.

    Hello James,
    I test some animated gifs in my project, and the pubcoder accept the information, and run them in the preview mode.