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  1. 4 months ago
    Wed Sep 14 22:56:27 2022
    Zahir E started the conversation Help me Counter the Counter Object!.

    HI $("#counterValueLabel").html(obj6262_counterValue):

    I have tried to learn how this Counter Object works but, I have failed and reading the forum so have many others since 2018 - possibly given up and gone to another product! Why is there no simple video to explain how to create the demo on the link below. I have also tried to learn to PubCoder examples - there is one for increase maths number -/+.

    I have worked out the font is created using Java code - why? Stick with basic for begineers.

    Bit I cant workout is this (from example on pubcoder functionality - number/maths example):

    How does counter value get displayed? How can i find out Obj number e.g. 0bj6262? How is value max set to 5 max?
    As a beginner, I dont stand a chnace. It is fantastic product but, if there are no explainer video for essential tools such as a counter then, people like me will simlply give up! Its a shame product is excellent but, no simple tutorials - demo if on link below but, cant get hold of it to study it.

    Close to giving up with ths excellent product!


    Anybody got examples or please exaplain - Thanks in advance

  2. Wed Sep 14 22:39:52 2022
    Zahir E posted in User can change volume button.

    Thanks Angelo

    I have tried this using the Pub Reader and work very well thanks.

  3. Sun Sep 11 23:30:43 2022
    Zahir E posted in Exit Button.

    Thanks for your reply.
    I have also, noted the when program starts, it goes to random page or page you ;ast left it at. Is there anyway to make sure it aways goes to first page in the programme please?

  4. Sun Sep 11 23:27:27 2022
    Zahir E started the conversation Timed Memroy Game.

    Is there any way to time the user on memroy game and is there way to show a message at the end to say welldone!

  5. Sun Sep 11 23:25:56 2022

    Christine C
    I know it is a reply to old msg!
    Are you able to share few of your games please. I am alsmost trying to do what you were doing in 2018!

    I wonder if by now 2020 - there are more features to create childrens games? Can anybody help

  6. 5 months ago
    Sat Sep 3 11:56:03 2022
    Zahir E started the conversation Challenge with Masked Image.


    Any experts out there?

    I am trying to use body to be a rubber to wipe away the blur to reveal the image below. Normally I would use mouse or on tabled finger to clear the Masked Image picture.

    How can I substitute an image as rubber?

    Thanks in advance

  7. Mon Aug 29 17:15:35 2022
    Zahir E started the conversation User can change volume button.

    Is there any example or way to give user choice of turning up/down the volume of speach to text or music?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. 11 months ago
    Tue Feb 8 22:02:58 2022
    Zahir E started the conversation Exit Button.

    I have setup a page with menu options and exit button. When user wants to quit, they press EXIT and programme leaves pubcoder completely. How do I setup exit button please?

    Thanks in advance

  9. 4 years ago
    Sat Dec 22 22:28:17 2018
    Zahir E posted in memory game.

    HI I am new at Pubcoder

    I would really like to learn how to create a memory game - would be be able to share basics of how to build please?

  10. Thu Jul 19 23:17:54 2018
    Zahir E started the conversation Games - Examples.

    Hello I am new in the forum

    Can anybody suggest demo games examples I can use to learn from please - would like to make cross word, tic-tow etc.

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