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  1. 4 years ago
    Thu Aug 23 21:17:13 2018

    Meant to reply yesterday and forgot, so apologies! Yes, I've tried reducing image quality and have seen some improvement; I can't go straight to jpegs because I need some transparency which that setting doesn't seem to permit. I've had some success by merging non-interactive elements into single background images, and that seems to help. Oddly, I've found Android devices handle individual complex pages reasonably well- it's the transition from one page to another that seems to cause the hitch, regardless of specs. Very irritating when an iPhone 6s from several years ago can still outperform an mid-end Android phone from this year!

    And yes, using Android specific settings and resolution. Were you able to eliminate the spinning wheel altogether?

    Thanks for replying!


  2. Mon Aug 20 20:29:33 2018

    I can't help with your problem re: iframes/js, but can you not create an interactive map using an image and interactive area objects? You could link those to any additional multimedia objects you have and set them to trigger on interactive area load?

  3. Sun Aug 19 22:46:17 2018


    Sorry to shout, but it's extremely frustrating when I post for help here AND email support and get no reply from either. I've seen from other posts that this is not an issue unique to me. Surely with all the Android users out there it's in your interests to get the best performance possible on that platform, or at least tell us how to achieve that...

  4. Tue Aug 14 21:02:11 2018
    L Lisa T started the conversation Lag/whirling circles on page load on Android devices.

    I'm currently doing an xpub to be used on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 android tablets. I appreciate these are old tablets (2014) but I'm seeing the same issue on a Huwaei P Smart, a phone which was released over the past 12 months. By contrast, all iOS devices (iPhone 6s, 10.5 iPP and one other iPad whose spec I don't know) work very nicely.

    The problem is one I've seen mentioned in these forums before, which seems exclusive to Android. It's the measurable delay as each and every page loads, together with a spinning wheel. I can understand that the specs of the SG4 could explain the lag when dragging items (this is NOT present in the Huwaei, so I'm assuming it's a side effect of the poor specs), but the delay in page loading and the spinning wheel appears regardless. As I said above, neither of these issues present on the iOS devices, even the comparatively old iPhone 6s, which was itself released in 2015.

    Is there anything I can do to reduce this lag?

    I've tried:

    -adding a 'fade' screen as a top layer on pages that's set to fade. Yes, this helps with the lag, but annoying wheel still shows and makes the thing feel even slower than it is!

    -compressing pngs. That might have been marginally faster, but it resulted in white screens flashing during the load time, so I disabled it again.

    -reducing object transparency (no difference).

    Any thoughts? This project is intended for families to use at a local museum, and whilst I know some of the lag is spec related, I worry it could put prospective users off and give them a negative perception of the whole experience. Is there ANY way to eliminate the circles altogether on Android devices?

    Hoping for a swift reply,


  5. Tue Jun 19 22:39:38 2018
    L Lisa T started the conversation Recurrent issues with counter object.

    Just dropping a line here to say I'm suddenly having trouble with the counter object. I can make it work if only one object is set up, but it seems to stop working when the target value is higher than 1. This is a critical part of my workflow so I need to understand what I've done wrong asap. It's not simple ignorance as I've done this many times before, but I do seem to be encountering issues now. I've emailed support about this, but wanted to post here also to ensure a speedy response.


  6. Wed Feb 28 19:27:08 2018

    Thanks. I returned to the source (which was correctly set as default portrait) and switched it to landscape and for whatever reason it worked, just from changing it within the renditions menu rather than the button on the menu bar which was what I was doing before. Thanks for your patience!

  7. Wed Feb 28 19:10:05 2018

    I'm aware that I'll see the same thing happen if I switch a project from portrait to landscape. I discovered that whilst tinkering with settings in an attempt to solve the issue above. However, I don't see how doing that would solve my problem, other than proving that it can be replicating without attempting a copy/paste? I've just altered my settings to alert me if there's a reply on threads so hopefully someone will get back to me quickly as this is pretty urgent now. I did email support/Anna about it but haven't had a reply.

  8. Thu Feb 22 20:52:08 2018

    I've just tried this and it didn't work! The page and objects 'copied' across blank, with a 'forbidden' circle against all the layers. I tried to copy the assets and that didn't work either. Only thing I can think of is that the source project was portrait and the destination landscape, but surely that shouldn't matter? This would be a major problem for me if it does as I have two pages/activities that need to be used in portrait whilst everything else is in landscape.

  9. Tue Feb 20 20:33:00 2018
    L Lisa T posted in disable page navigation.

    I'm having a similar navigation issue. I'm using the Pubreader app on iOS, but it always opens my xpub on the LAST page instead of the first! I have done a bit of rearranging pages with this project, but even at that surely it should respect the page numbering rather than order of creation?

  10. Mon Feb 12 20:30:59 2018
    L Lisa T posted in Pubcoder 3 counter object.

    We did, yes! Sorry, just seen this.

    Could I ask that the documentation is updated asap? Because that seems to be a major problem here and must create an unnecessary support burden on yourselves. For example, I had to email support to find out how to get the masked image widget working! Turned out to be super simple — both the image to be masked and the 'mask' image itself need to be the same size, which was logical on reflection but info that should be in your documentation already. But honestly, I'm still in love with this software. Wish I'd discovered it before now!

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