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  1. 6 years ago
    Tue Dec 12 10:30:15 2017

    I still can't find the Font Replacement dialogue box, does it not exist any more?

  2. Tue Dec 12 10:18:20 2017

    Great I found the button and have now got that working. What does the button below the "Hidden" button do. "Always catch touch". Is that something I need to turn on or off too.

  3. Tue Dec 12 00:57:07 2017

    That will be a great feature when its finished. Thank you.

  4. Tue Dec 12 00:27:46 2017

    Thanks Angelo, I will see if I can get that to work. Fingers crossed.

  5. Mon Dec 11 10:07:23 2017
    G Gia W started the conversation How to hide page items before page loads.

    Me again. So many questions.

    Can someone tell me how to set a page up so that when the page is first viewed certain items are totally hidden. I have tried setting this up using Interactive > load > and then >show for the two items I want to show when the page initially loads, and then using >load >hide for all the items I don't want seen on page load. However, on my Mac this looks fine, but as soon as I test it on my tablets (iPad and Samsung) the items that are hidden actually still show on load but then fade out quickly. I don't want them to be seen at all on load. They just need to appear when the user presses a button to show them.

    I've got 56 pages that I need to get working in this way, so want to get the first one worked out and then I can build my epub hopefully.

    Please help.


  6. Sun Dec 10 08:19:21 2017

    Hi, Im just trying to work out how to get my heading font "Minion Std Pro" to work on an iPad and Samsung tablet. The documentation on this page of the website says to go to the Project Settings dialogue box and then there is an option to replace fonts. But I have nothing like that in my Project Settings window. It only shows options for XHTML, ePub etc. I can't see any Font Replacement dialogue box? Help. This is all very confusing.

    On screen in PubCoder the font shows up fine, but when I test it on the tablets it has defaulted to some other serif font. Once I find the Font Replacement Utility, how do I go about making the font work on my tablets? My document is imported from Indesign.

    As you can see I am new to all this. I usually just upload my fixed layout ebook straight out of Indesign ready for use on an iPad, but I now want to also make an Android version if its possible.

  7. Sun Dec 3 09:27:50 2017
    G Gia W started the conversation Grouping elements to make interactive?.

    Hi, Im new to PubCoder and just trying to learn how to use it to convert my ebook from an InDesign document so I can make a version that I can sell for Android devices. My eBook is very simple and is for yoga flash cards. It just uses two show/hide multi state objects in InDesign. However, this doesn't seem so simple in PubCoder. There isn't much in-depth documentation and I can't see a way of grouping objects so I can quickly apply a show/hide type scenario to the group.

    What I want to do is to be able to press a button that shows some images and live type, which is the instructions on my flash cards, and then be able to tap this area again to hide all this information and just show the button. I need the type to be live and not an image and it comes to 4 columns of type, plus a background image, so I would like to be able to group all this together so I can just show and hide it with just 1 command. Is this possible?

    Its all so easy in InDesign.

    Really hoping I can get this to work. Any ideas or help much appreciated.