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  1. 8 months ago
    Thu Sep 24 09:18:54 2020

    Hi Paulo A, was this case ever resolved? I am having the same problem. I have created learning activities that require different audio files to be played on the same page as part of different events.
    For example, drag a word to the corresponding picture (3 words, 3 pictures). The audio file 'try-again.mp3' is used for 3 different events; whenever any of the words are dragged outside their nominated drop zone. Likewise, the audio file 'well-done.mp3' is used for 3 different events; whenever any of the words are dragged to their nominated drop zone.
    I get duplicate object errors when exporting to epub3 file, but when I export anyway and check, the page works as intended. I can upload to Kobo (although they give me a warning about the error) but iTunes Producer will not let me upload.

  2. 2 years ago
    Thu Oct 4 06:38:35 2018
    K Kathryn M started the conversation Read-aloud synchronisations on a Windows 7 machine.

    The control to slow down the audio to make it easier to synchronise is not available (it is on a Macbook Pro)... it makes it really hard to synchronise the narration properly. Help!

  3. 3 years ago
    Sat Jun 2 12:01:56 2018
    K Kathryn M started the conversation Creating a copy of a project file.

    Hi there, newbie (1st post); so far mostly impressed with pub coder, but experiencing a few glitches. The most frustrating one today; I am doing children's read-aloud picture books, translated into in multiple languages. I created the first project in English, then copied the file in my Mac Finder directory, giving it a new name (the translated name), then opened it in Pub Coder and edited the text to the new language (e.g. Italian). I created the French version from the Italian version, and the Indonesian version from the French version in the same way. I added the read-aloud narration to each of the 17 pages, then went to save and the app crashed. When I re-opened, it had reverted to French. So I re-translated, but (luckily) hadn't bothered doing the read-aloud narration yet. I saved the file successfully, and had the app sitting in the background while I worked in a Word doc and in Gmail. When I went back to close the project and shut down my laptop for the evening, the Indonesian file has now reverted to Italian!!!!????? These language gremlins are getting to be a frustrating waste of time! Any suggestions? Is there a better way to copy a project file? I noticed there was no 'create duplicate' option in the file menu...