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  1. 2 years ago
    Fri Feb 21 17:39:25 2020
    P Phil D started the conversation Pubreader on Google Playstore.

    Anyone have a link to Pubreader on Google Playstore?


  2. Tue Aug 13 18:21:16 2019
    P Phil D started the conversation New Project Options for Android PubCoder v3.6.

    Just noticed a few problems with the new v3.6 Android app project settings.

    1/ When loading a page the page loading icon (rotating circle) is no longer showing.
    This is confusing to user if screen is tapped before page loads as either nothing happens or menu pops up.
    How can I get the page loading icon to show?

    2/ Read Aloud item is shown on menu even if no read aloud in app.
    Can I remove the read aloud icon from the menu?

    3/ Android menu (triangle, circle, square) no longer showing below menu.
    Can I get this to show as before?

  3. 3 years ago
    Sun Jun 9 21:10:18 2019
    P Phil D started the conversation M4A audio format.

    Does Pubcoder support M4A audio?

  4. Fri Apr 26 19:21:42 2019
    P Phil D posted in Privacy policy info?.

    Hi Talha,

    Did you get any answers to your questions?

    I have the same questions.

  5. Fri Apr 26 13:45:51 2019
    P Phil D started the conversation Android font sizes.

    Hi All,
    When I increase the default font size setting on my Android tablet my Pubcoder apps change the font size to reflect this.
    This causes the text to be too large and truncated in the App.
    Is there a way in Pubcoder to lock the font size so that changing the Android font size has no effect?

    Just to be clear I'm talking about stand alone Android APK aps - not Xpub apps.

  6. Sat Feb 23 13:24:41 2019
    P Phil D started the conversation Can't move and fade an object at same time..

    Hi All,

    I can move and rotate an object at same time.
    I can rotate and fade an object at same time.

    When I try to move and fade at same time Pubcoder does the fade first without moving object.

    I have the actions glued together so object should move and fade.

    Anyone else noticed this?

  7. Wed Nov 7 15:49:48 2018

    Thanks Angelo, this looks interesting. Will give it a try.

  8. Sun Oct 21 18:18:36 2018
    P Phil D started the conversation SVG files in the Animation object.

    Hi All,

    I imported a sequence of svg files into Pubcoder and then copied them into an animation object.
    It seems that Pubcoder rendered them into png files and the results were awful.
    They were very jaggy and had a white halo.
    What I really wanted was to preserve the files as svg within the animation object.
    Is there some way to achieve this?
    Or if not then some other way to play an svg animation within Pubcoder?

  9. Mon Sep 10 18:32:46 2018
    P Phil D posted in Audio Object on KF8.

    I just found another link


    that says this:

    Mobi – Amazon’s standard format for Kindle books does support audio and video content although the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) system will not accept Mobi files with audio or video. To upload your enhanced Mobi files to Amazon you will need to access a wholesaler account, which is usually restricted to larger publishers (we do not offer this service).

  10. Mon Sep 10 18:28:27 2018
    P Phil D posted in Audio Object on KF8.

    Hi Paolo,

    I read that Kindle don't allow embedded audio through their Kindle Direct Publishing website but allow larger customers (Publishers) to directly bypass that restriction.
    It seems a pity as it's such a big market.

    I also read this:


    which seems to indicate that it might be possible but it might use the Whisper Sync feature and then the audio is not embedded.

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