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    Tue Jan 29 15:17:40 2019
    L Lars M started the conversation KF8 on iPad fails.

    Hello. When I export XPUB and PUB3 on my iPad vi Dropbox it works nicely but KF8 does not work in Kindle for iPad, it shows as a traditional mobi book, not with the layout intact. It worked in Kindle for Windows however. I Amazon support pages it states Kindle iPad app should support KF8 so I can't find out what to do about it. Anyone tried this?

  2. Tue Jan 29 15:13:29 2019
    L Lars M started the conversation Preview over WIFI fails.

    Hello. No matter how much I try to make preview over wifi work on Android tablet and iPad it fails, it seems to get contact via the QR code but times out every time.
    My host is a Windows 10 laptop with a PubCoder with license so everything should be fine, but nothing works.
    Sharing via dropbox works, but that's not the point. I was really looking forward to using this preview it's seems very nice if it would work. Anybody knows what could be wrong?

  3. Tue Jan 29 14:32:06 2019
    L Lars M started the conversation Cant install update.

    I can't install the newest update on my Windows 10 Pro laptop. I have included the warning. It seems like the program did not download fully or unpack fully and fails.

    How to overcome this?

  4. Tue Jan 29 14:25:39 2019
    L Lars M started the conversation Import from Word and Pages.

    Hello. I'd like to have the ability to have documents imported from MS Word and Apple Pages in PubCoder, maybe also OTD from GDocs. I do not use InDesign or any other Adobe product and it does not seem logical having to use those tools because they in themselves are tools in competition with PubCoder in many ways. Using PubCoder as a preprocessor is nice but having to cut and paste is tedious when you can import to InDesign and from there to PubCoder it seems like an unwanted extra program and a waste of time. Why not have the ability to import directly from MS Word and Pages, maybe even from the different presentation programs like GPresenter, PowerPoint, and others. In this way, one can use ones other devices to do the work in Scrivener, Pages, PowerPoint and other workhorses and finalize in PubCoder doing the templating and add niceties to ones work.

  5. Thu Jan 17 13:47:28 2019
    L Lars M started the conversation Upgrade fails.

    The update fails on my Win 10 machine. It states that the download is incomplete.

  6. Sun Nov 25 11:58:05 2018
    L Lars M started the conversation Markdown.

    Hello. I just bought a PubCoder license after a research of every system I could find in interactive fiction, visual novels, and e-learning. I ended up coming back to PC because it, after all, has the best flexibility.

    I am writing in Scrivener for Windows and IOS so I am looking for a best practice of including my writings in my PC UI in much the same way as the text editor in this forum. It also uses markdown. My thought was something like having a markdown interpreter built into the Javascript of my PC publication.
    Does anyone have any experience with this? Actually is my idea over time to implement a system like Twine's story format Harlowe that offers a lot of macros and features inside the text. That's for a later project.