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  1. last year


    I'm finding some text boxes with custom font that are being displayed different from what we define in pubCoder.
    When quick preview it's ok, but when previewing on browser it shows a bit different, it wraps the text differently in some lines.

    I'm using classes defined at project CSS and I'm using them on the text.
    An example:

    <p><span class="red">A fábrica superou as suas dificuldades e passou a ser um exemplo de produção de energia ecológica, produz energia hídrica, através de uma pequena central nas margens do rio, </span></p>
  2. Hi Humberto

    I am not sure if you have embedded your own specific font into pubcoder - if not maybe other equipment if it does not have same font, it will find nearest. Good video by Pubcoder CTO on Text on their website.

  3. Hi Zahir, thanks for your reply. In fact I have the font embedded. The font is always showing correct, the slight difference seems to be in the spacing or boldness of the paragraph.


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